Voicemode – voice changer

Voicemode - voice changer As the name suggests, the Voicemode application allows you to “play” with your voice, or rather Voicemode can change your voice beyond recognition. The application has a rich assortment of voices, so you can speak with the voices of the villain from the Batman movie Bane, the voice of Darth Vader from Star Wars, zombies, Robin Hood, cosmonaut and so on, a total of 11 different roles to choose from. Voicemode - voice changer You can choose a character in the settings. By the way, I must say that the developers have done a great job on the design of the application. The animation is quite original and works quite well, plus, various additional effects (press the screen to hear the sounds corresponding to the selected character) add a positive effect. Voicemode - voice changer Once you have decided on your voice, you can safely press the record button and speak your speech. After the recording is stopped, you can immediately listen to what happened. By the way, as far as the quality of the reproduced voice in the application is concerned, everything is in order here too – the sound is loud and clear, and if you put on headphones, the effect is simply gorgeous! Voicemode - voice changer The recording of your voice will be saved in a kind of playlist, where it will be stored and from where it can be shared with friends via social networks Facebook and Twitter, posted on Youtube, or sent via iMessage. Voicemode - voice changer I would also like to say about the control in the application. Everything is very simple here, you don't have to get confused about the commands and buttons, since the application does not contain anything superfluous. All buttons are labeled with corresponding pictures, so you can be sure that you will not get confused. Voicemode - voice changer Although the Voicemode application is not included in the list of vital and necessary applications, it will still not be a bad and fun decoration for your iPhone!

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