VUSHI – fast and simple online VKontakte music player

VUSHI - fast and simple online VKontakte music player VUSHI is a VKontakte music player, but unfortunately, it only works when connected to the Internet. That is, it does not load tracks into memory iPhone. Therefore, it will only fit those who are constantly on the network via 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi. GPRS connection speed is not enough for continuous buffering and playback … VUSHI - fast and simple online VKontakte music playerVUSHI - fast and simple online VKontakte music player The player differs from its closest competitors in its usability. The application is very simple and very user-friendly. In order to get the desired result, you need to perform a minimum of the usual actions. Even a first grader will have no problems with mastering VUSHI. For example, to log in to VUSHI, you do not need to enter your credentials if you have an official VKontakte client installed and you are authorized in your account – the application will be logged in automatically. VUSHI - fast and simple online VKontakte music player After entering the application interface, you get full access to your music section in the domestic social network. You can add, change or delete musical compositions, do it quickly and comfortably. Looking for something fresh? The player has an interactive search that displays results as you type a search query. The search is carried out not only by the name of the track, but also by the artist. Also at VUSHI you can find recommendations based on your personal preferences. VUSHI - fast and simple online VKontakte music player Playback controls are also elementary, even though the function button icons are not labeled. They look familiar, large and responsive. During playback, you can navigate between tracks, adjust the volume, pause or resume playback. Also added the function of switching to iTunes to download the audio recording you like (not free). Personally, I really liked VUSHI – a simple, intuitive and very convenient online player. It would also add the ability to load music into the device's memory, the price would not be there, but this violates the company's policy Apple and the developer is unlikely to risk a place in App Store. The application is not expensive, only 59 rubles, I note – fair.

Attention! This app has been removed from App Store. See the current list of applications for downloading music from VKontakte.

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