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Walk Star - Pocket Pedometer Walk Star - Pocket Pedometer They say walking is good, and indeed it is! According to statistics, an average person walks about 7 kilometers per day (movement around the apartment and office is also considered). Have you ever wondered what distance you walk in a day, how many steps you take, at what speed, and most importantly, how many calories do you burn? App Store has something useful for you, the Walk Star app. The application is as easy as shelling pears to use – launch the application and click on “start”. And your phone will start counting. In the upper right corner, the average speed with which you are moving, the distance traveled in kilometers and all “burned” calories will also be marked. Walk Star - Pocket Pedometer The application can work even in “Off” mode, that is, you can launch it and give the command to count down, and then just exit the application and go about your business: listen to music, use other applications or just put your phone in your pocket. iPhone will continue to count your steps. Counting is carried out by a motion sensor – every time the phone is “shaken” it perceives it as a step. For every 1000 steps you get one asterisk, of which you can collect as many as 10 pieces. Here's your motivation! Walk Star - Pocket Pedometer In this case, the accuracy of the calculation is questioned, but from experience I will say that the error is not significant and is plus / minus 10 steps. And if it seems to you that the phone is not counting your steps correctly, you can adjust the sensitivity in the settings. In which, by the way, you can also set your weight and step span, which will make the calculation even more accurate. Walk Star - Pocket Pedometer In principle, this is the only function of the application – simple counting. It is not overloaded with anything big. For setting world walking records, the Walk Star is certainly not suitable, but for a simple count it will do.

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