Ways to download Minecraft for iOS for free

There are many free and paid apps and games in App Store. Some of them have to be paid for. One of these games is Minecraft. There are several ways how to download Minecraft for iPhone for free.

Ways to get free Minecraft on your iPhone

There are three ways to download the popular game at iPhone for free. The first is to download using a shared account. In this case, small financial costs may be required. Another way is to get the game by downloading it from other app stores. The third method is called jailbreak, the game is downloaded from a special application.

Ways to download Minecraft for iOS for free

Downloading from other app stores

One of the best practices is to use alternative stores. You need to carefully approach their choice, otherwise you can get a lot of viruses. The most recommended alternative store is Emu4iOs. It can be downloaded from the link on the site of the same name. When downloading, you need to use a device Apple. After pressing the Install button, the program icon will appear on the device Apple.

It is necessary to open Emu4iOs, select iNoCydia from the list of available programs and install it.

As soon as this program appears on the device, you need to open it and find an icon in the form of four small squares, click Package-Apps. The user will see a list of applications from which he needs to select RHStore. After that, on the new page, you need to press GET and wait until the browser opens. Apps is selected in the browser, after which the user will see a list of links for free downloading Minecraft.

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Ways to download Minecraft for iOS for free

If you have any problems with this alternative app store, you can try vShare. It is used less than Emu4iOs, but it is easier to manage.

Shared account at App Store

To use this method, a common account is created, several people contribute money to download the application. This allows you to download the application with less financial investment. There is no limit to the number of people who will collect money. For example, to buy an application for 600 rubles, you can attract 100 people, then everyone will have to pay 6 rubles.

Many people make money on a shared account. The person creates Apple ID, buys many programs, then sells the account data to third parties, from which they can download applications at no additional cost. To download the Minecraft game to iPhone, you need to find the general account on which the game was downloaded in the past.

Ways to download Minecraft for iOS for free


The third way to get the game for free is by jailbreak the device. You need to carefully consider whether it is worth hacking a device for the sake of one application. After jailbreak, the device loses its warranty. Those who do decide to hack will have to find a jailbreak software suitable for the existing iPhone model. There are many software available on the Internet. After the end of the hack, you should find the icon for the alternative Cydia store on your phone. Through it, IpaInstaller is loaded, with which Minecraft is downloaded for free.

Ways to download Minecraft for iOS for free


As it turns out, alternative paths are always available. For those who want to download Minecraft on iPhone without material costs, 3 methods are offered to choose from. All of these methods will lead to savings, but the risk of damage to the device or failures exists for all workarounds. Therefore, you should weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before making a final decision.

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