We save on drugs with the application “Pharmacies 2GIS”

We save on drugs with the application

Everyone probably already knows about the 2GIS cartographic service. This is a detailed guide – a map of the cities of Russia and some foreign countries. The main advantage over many mapping services is the detail of the map and the ability to work without the Internet.

But today I decided to tell you about another service of the company, this is '2GIS Pharmacies'. How it is useful and why it is worthy of attention will be described below in the text.

The main task of this application is to show on the map the cost of a medicine in various pharmacies located in the city of interest. Thus, by choosing the right filters, you can find the cheapest or average cost medicine in your area or in the city itself.

We save on drugs with the application

The first thing we see when entering the application is the ability to immediately enter the name of the required drug, to start searching for it on city maps.

We save on drugs with the application

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Further, we are offered to choose 'Form of release', 'Packing', 'dosage'.

We save on drugs with the application

A card appears showing the cost of the drug in pharmacies. I typed 'Activated Coal' into the search, its cost is minimal, but even so, different pharmacies have completely different prices. When you have to buy a drug for 1,000 rubles, the price range can be up to 500 rubles. At least this is the difference that I have encountered. In this case, pharmacies can be located next to each other. I also noticed that some pharmacies can artificially lower the cost of rubles by 20 rubles, which is not at all significant, and is caused simply by an attempt to compete with neighbors. But I also found very attractive prices, where, having come to the pharmacy, the consultant reported that the shelf life expires in two months and because of this the price is more attractive. In most cases, such terms are acceptable, so I agreed and bought. The lower slider allows you to set the search range for the lowest prices on the map.

We save on drugs with the application

By clicking on the offer of interest, we see the name of the pharmacy and the opening hours. It is possible to plot a route to it. If you have found a suitable medicine at a tempting price, then you should first call this pharmacy, because this medicine may no longer be available, or the price will change. In the early stages of launching this application, I encountered a similar situation several times. Now enough time has passed and the application is working stably, the service has more partners and many pharmacies are connecting to this directory. At the moment, the service does not work in all cities of Russia, you need to look in the application description, but quite often new cities of service appear.

The main conclusion that I wanted to make at the end is that such an application will be useful to every user of modern smartphones. Unfortunately, people get sick and they have to spend money on recovery, or maintaining health in good shape. With this application it will be much cheaper.

Application download link: https: //itunes.apple.com/ru/ap …

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