Weather Live – functional and beautiful weather statement

Weather Live - functional and beautiful weather statement There are two types of content that will always be popular and in demand – news bulletins and weather forecasts. And if the creators of the site or application also manage to provide such information to users in a beautiful wrapper, they will be successful. The developers of the product that came to us for review today succeeded in full. Weather Live is a weather app for iPhone that well confirms the adage that nature doesn't have bad weather. Indeed, the sun outside the window or rain with thunderstorms, everything is presented very beautifully. The animation is implemented at the highest level, it is literally pleasant to watch what is happening on your screen. Immediately after launch, you will be prompted to enter the location for which the weather will be tracked. Moreover, you can enter them as many as you like, and switch with one tap. Initially, a small summary is displayed for each place, and clicking on the desired city displays detailed information. Weather Live - functional and beautiful weather statementWeather Live - functional and beautiful weather statementWeather Live - functional and beautiful weather statement Above, you can see how varied the animation is for different weather conditions. I deliberately entered several cities with different times of day, so that you can compare. The forecast can be switched by days, and even hours, everything is so detailed. In the settings (top, right), you can override some of the values, for example, change the degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, or, the time format from 24 hours to 12 hours. Weather Live - functional and beautiful weather statement A very interesting indicator is the 'feel-like' temperature, the data on which are formed by meteorologists on the basis of complex calculations, and are modeled as close as possible to how the human body reacts to the environment. These data are displayed next to the minimum and maximum daily temperature values. Blocks with weather information in Weather Live are customizable, and you can leave only the data that is really important to you. There is a rain and cloud map, barometric pressure indicator, freeze warnings, and many other nice little things. I really liked the application, and although I personally am not particularly interested in the weather forecast, those for whom such information is important can definitely recommend it for purchase. Weather Live is totally worth the money!

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