What are the coolest time management apps? Experts answer!

Recently, we are increasingly abandoning diaries and doing business electronically. A variety of organizer applications and time management programs help a lot with this. But how to find the same from dozens of applications in App Store? We asked specialists from various fields about this.

Stanislav Korobov, an expert in building full cycle marketing processes in b2c small and medium-sized businesses:

Choosing for myself applications that would help organize order in work (and personal), I had to go through several options. As a result, I settled on a combination of several programs.


What are the coolest time management apps?  Experts answer!

One of the most convenient applications for managing tasks, based on the GTD task management methodology, the meaning of which is to keep everything, even small and unimportant tasks, in order and not bother with unnecessary things. All projects are put into folders and divided into tasks. Each task can be prioritized in importance and made regular for any period. The application perfectly synchronizes with the Google calendar, which allows you to automatically arrange tasks throughout the day and not to confuse work tasks with personal affairs. For many who don't use paid apps, it will be a huge plus that the free version of Todoist has full functionality for everything you need.
There is also an analogue of Wunderlist, but it is more crude and still inferior to Todoist.

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What are the coolest time management apps?  Experts answer!

The tool allows you to manage the conduct of any projects and tasks within the team. One of the most handy features is the ability to toggle the look. From a functional Kanban board, to a simple list (especially for those who are used to setting tasks in a diary and ticking off as progress is made), and most importantly in the form of a Gantt chart, which immediately displays all deadlines, which helps to quickly assess the remaining time on projects and reallocate resources as needed.
Among the analogues, Asana and Trello deserve attention (the simplest kanban board for conducting individual processes, for example, drawing up and maintaining a content plan, testing hypotheses, assigning tasks to roles in a team).

Alexander Skabara, head of the operational unit of the Conscience project:

The banal phrase that if there were 48 hours in a day, we would still not have enough time, still does not lose its relevance. After all, all the salt lies not in quantity, but in the rationality and efficiency of the use of their resources. Fortunately, modern technologies also come to the rescue in matters of competent planning or time management. One of the most convenient in functionality (even in the free version) and minimalist in design applications in this category is Any.Do .


What are the coolest time management apps?  Experts answer!

It is both a checklist of tasks, a calendar, and a program with reminders for time and geolocation. For myself, I highlight several advantages in it: first, convenient data synchronization between mobile, desktop and wearable devices; secondly, a fast voice set of tasks; thirdly, the ability to create group projects with the functionality of orders.
For a full-fledged working or corporate tool, of course, it is better not to use it, but for monitoring personal efficiency, organizing your own time and visual analysis of current and planned tasks without any information noise, the application is perfect.

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