What kind of music is this? Guess in 20 seconds

What kind of music is this?  Guess in 20 seconds

'Oh, what a song! Must download! But what is it called? ' – so that such annoying questions do not arise, install the Shazam or SoundHound application on your iPhone. These music lovers know almost all the music invented by people. And they will be able to guess any melody in 20 seconds …


Shazam detects artists and song titles playing right now from any source.

What kind of music is this?  Guess in 20 seconds In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ” What kind of music is this?  Guess in 20 seconds

The interface is extremely simple – press the big button in the center, wait 15 seconds and get full information: artist, song title and lyrics, album cover, genre, label, videos on Youtube, upcoming concerts, articles, films, ringtones …

All tracks defined in this way are saved by the program, so that later they can be downloaded or shared with friends. Works on firmwares starting from 3.0, suitable for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, the main thing is that the speed of the Internet connection is decent. The free version differs from the paid Shazam Encore only in the presence of ads. There is also a paid version of Shazam Red for $ 5.99, but the proceeds from it, according to the developers, go to charity.

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SoundHound is designed to do the same thing as Shazam – to understand what song you are hearing. Plus, SoundHound promises to identify a song / artist even if you just sing a tune.

What kind of music is this?  Guess in 20 seconds

True, the program does not always cope with this task, apparently, a lot depends on the quality of your performance. SoundHound also offers voice and text search by artist, album and song. The found track can be immediately downloaded from iTunes, check for ringtones with this melody, add it to the favorites list, share the link in social networks or via SMS.

The paid version of the app for $ 6.99 differs only in the absence of ads and some additional features. SoundHound is suitable for iPhone, iPad, 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch. The firmware must be at least 4.0, and the Internet connection (wi-fi or 3G) is fast enough to transfer music.

The principle of operation of both utilities is the same: recording a sounding fragment of a song and searching through the database of matches. Please note that both Shazam and SoundHound are not good at handling Russian-language songs and performers. Shazam's music base appears to be more extensive than the competitor's, but the first app we reviewed has a habit of sometimes misidentifying the track. So if you are afraid of confusion, you can use both programs to control each other.

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