Where is my hotel? – tracker to help

Where is my hotel? - tracker to help Where is my hotel? - tracker to help Such programs are indispensable in travel and on vacation. So that after leaving the hotel you could head in any direction without fear of getting lost in the new city. The tracker program works in iPhone unnoticed, in the background. But in the case of her call, she will show you the path traveled and the way to the house. In the ancient legend of Theseus' battle with the Minotaur, the tracker was replaced by a ball of thread, and in Russian folk tales a similar way to get out of the maze is often found. Let's try the free G-Recording app for now, to what extent it meets our needs. There are quite a few similar programs in App Store, for example the GPS Tracker review. However, some of them do not work in the background, and some are too complicated to manage. I would like to find a simple and reliable solution. G-Recording would seem to be perfect for this. Where is my hotel? - tracker to help Screen with a route, a calendar where you can see the distance traveled by day and settings. There are only three screens, understandable even to the military. Where is my hotel? - tracker to help The Pro version differs from the simple one in that you can change your route to iPhone a friend. Where is my hotel? - tracker to help Now about the direct work. At first, the application made me happy. Location data is captured every minute and marked on the map with a pin. If you stay in place for a long time, the color of the pin changes. By clicking on each point, you can find out the exact time at which you were here. Everything was fine the first half day, then the location was determined less often. And by the evening the program completely refused to work. It is no longer possible to set a route for a new day. This is my experience with G-Recording. Of course, I can't recommend this app to anyone. The developer's site is made in Chinese and this suggests that it will be easier to find an analogue of the application in App Store than to communicate with the support service. Install from AppStore

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