Where is my water – plumbing simulator [Hit]

Where is my water - plumbing simulator [Hit] Where is my water - plumbing simulator [Hit] Where is my water or Crocodile Swampy is a puzzle game from Disney that has won the love and affection of millions of iphone users. The story of the plot is as follows: in an underground apartment lives a good-natured crocodile Swampy, who cannot imagine his life without cleanliness. He has a gorgeous bathtub in which he basks several times a day. Your task is to help Swampy fill the bathtub with water. Colorful graphics and a cute main character are the two main components that the creators of the game focused on. The sewer system is not all right, and you will have to work hard to help the green one. It would be great to brush up on physics in school and remember the properties of water in order to lay a water supply system. The player needs to make the water flow in the right direction, overcoming obstacles that become more difficult from level to level. There may be toxic waste, traps and switches along the way – be careful! Plants grow from contact with water and do not allow water to flow freely through the system, but when they come into contact with toxic waste, they simply … explode! Where is my water - plumbing simulator [Hit] Sometimes, when laying a water supply system, walls may be encountered that must be bypassed; air pumps can greatly facilitate your work, as they are able to move obstacles; water often needs to be collected from several reservoirs, because every drop of clean water is important for the crocodile. Don't forget about bonuses – collect rubber ducks, Swampy shower parts and other funny surprises, unlock additional levels. Where is my water - plumbing simulator [Hit] But the crocodile Swampy is not alone in the underground space: in the updated version of the game, the developers have added additional levels in which the main character is the evil crocodile Cranky. The first five levels of the game can be tested for free. So, the logic puzzle for iPhone – Where is my water is ready to test your knowledge of physics, the speed of decision-making, ingenuity and resourcefulness.

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