Where's My Perry? [Hit]

Where's My Perry? [Hit] Where's My Perry? [Hit] We all, no doubt, adore the creativity of the leader in the world of cinema and the cartoon industry Disney for the perky and unique cartoons, but more recently the studio presented its work from a slightly different side and delighted us as a game developer for iPhone. The kind and funny game “Crocodile Swampy” did not last long alone in the playing space, this time the sequel to this game – “Where's My Perry” was released, which is now dedicated to the platypus from the American animated series. The cartoon itself is known under a different name – “Phineas and Ferb”, and tells about the unusual adventures of two brothers. A platypus, at first glance, the most common, decided to settle in their house. Perry is actually a member of the O.B.C.A (Organization Without Cool Abbreviation) Secret Service and is known by the codename of Agent Pi. Where's My Perry? [Hit] Throughout the game, you must help Agent Pi to prevent the plan of his eternal enemy – Dr. Heinz Fufelschmertz (it is unlikely that you will be able to pronounce this name the first time). And how do you clear the way for the platypus? Quite simple – to deliver water or steam to the generators that feed the pipes with current. This honorable task and secret mission could be trained … in “Crocodile Swampy”. To deliver water to Cro … Agent Pi needs more knowledge about the secret inventions of the evil Doctor – lasers, which are stuffed with underground communications … Now you can freeze water with the “Cooler” or turn it into steam with the “Heater”. The “entertainer” sucks in water or steam … Where's My Perry? [Hit] Where's My Perry is an addicting physics-based puzzle game. Refresh your knowledge of all possible physical states of water, and only then can you help Perry, who, unfortunately, got stuck in the underground communications system on his way to headquarters … Where's My Perry? [Hit] The first version of the game consists of 80 levels. 8 bonus levels deserve special attention, the main task of which is to deliver the ball into a huge chimney. Remember the prize ducks in Crocodile Swampy? Now, in a team with a secret spy Pi, you will have to hunt for gnomes from the garden of Perry's owners – the Flynn-Fletchers. Achievements have also appeared in the menu – try to collect them all! There you can also find “secret files”, which contain bonus levels and secret data about specials. agents and secret weapons. Disney has a very high quality app for iPhone.

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