Who teaches Yandex.Alisa to boil water and other secrets of smart REDMOND technology

The international brand REDMOND, known for its development of smart home appliances, has opened (for a short time and not for everyone!) The doors to the 'holy of holies', previously inaccessible to literally anyone. Речь об отделе научно-исследовательских и конструкторских работ (НИОКР или R&D). Here you can see with your own eyes how new devices are being developed and tested, and how the manufacturer is going to surprise us in the near future.

Who teaches Yandex.Alisa to boil water and other secrets of smart REDMOND technology

About the brand

For almost two decades, REDMOND has become one of the leaders in the sales of household appliances in Europe and the CIS countries. And it is not the first year that REDMOND has been the leader in sales of smart kitchen appliances in Russia (in units per capita).

But what can I say, there are more than 1,000 models of multicooker alone in the brand portfolio! In 2014, the REDMOND brand began to cooperate with the Singapore-based company Ready for Sky: it is developing a full-fledged technological platform for interaction between manufacturers, smart appliances and ordinary users. As a result of cooperation between REDMOND and Ready for Sky, the REDMOND Smart Home line of smart appliances appeared. Today, this line already includes more than 60 devices – from multicooker to kettles, from grills to humidifiers and climatic technology. All devices have the ability to receive commands from smartphones through the platform of the same name and the user application – Ready for Sky. You can turn on cooking according to the desired recipe in 1-2 clicks in your smartphone. Or order the delivery of food and water to your home – SkyMarket's technological solution for ordering food directly through a custom application in a smartphone, it is planned to launch in the 4th quarter of this year. And with the help of the SkyManager planner (which is also available in the custom application on the smartphone), you can make shopping lists and reminders, and much more.

Who teaches Yandex.Alisa to boil water and other secrets of smart REDMOND technology

About the laboratory: how does it work?

Отдел R&D (в привычной советско-русской терминологии — отдел НИОКР) придумывает и создает опытный образец — и передает его для 'обкатки' в экспериментальную лабораторию. There engineers and testers carefully check the new product for all kinds of bugs and lags, calculating in advance all possible extreme situations, and how they will affect the operation of equipment. For example, how will power surges affect the operation of a multicooker? What happens if you bring the water in the kettle to a boil 30 times in a row? What thickness of walls will not penetrate Bluetooth – a signal to turn on?

Who teaches Yandex.Alisa to boil water and other secrets of smart REDMOND technology

All this is done by the engineers of the REDMOND laboratory – using special high-precision equipment. For example, when checking the oven, they use the most accurate thermal imagers: to make sure finally – the chicken in such an oven will be baked evenly and from all sides. Or here is a kettle – it would seem that there is something you can check? And here is a lot of things: the degree of noise, the speed of boiling, and how many times the power button will withstand pressing … And now a special 'robotic arm', similar to a part of the Terminator or Robocop, performs typical human manipulations with a smart machine. For example, he turns on the kettle a thousand times to check the reliability of the starting device.

Who teaches Yandex.Alisa to boil water and other secrets of smart REDMOND technology

Professional chefs in the laboratory perform perhaps the most 'delicious' and extremely important job. Their task is to form, and, if necessary, adjust the recipe for ALL dishes for ALL kitchen units. This is done, of course, 'making money': experts fry, boil, bake and stew many times, steam, simmer, and also cook mulled wine and prepare cheeses and yoghurts. This is how potential shortcomings of new devices and inaccuracies in the step-by-step description of recipes are revealed. And only when all the recipes are thoroughly checked, and the developers are satisfied with the test results, the final version of the recipe book is created, which will be available to the user in printed form. And also electronically, in the 'Cooking with REDMOND' apps for conventional kitchen appliances, and in the Ready for Sky app for smart appliances.

Who teaches Yandex.Alisa to boil water and other secrets of smart REDMOND technology

And, by the way, much of the above (steaming, boiling, stewing and baking …) can be seen on the manufacturer's YouTube channel: there REDMOND posts videos showing how to cook certain dishes according to its own recipe book.

It is important that REDMOND as a manufacturer forms 'its own' settings for smart technology for each country. For example, in the book of recipes for conditional Spain, paella will be available, for Ukraine – borsch, and for Poland – bigos. It is impossible not to take into account the specifics of specific places, the manufacturer believes, and therefore thoroughly tests national specialties on their devices.

About new items

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For example, the smart kettle REDMOND SkyKettle. It would seem that you can come up with a 'kind of' with banal boiling water? And REDMOND in 2015 came up with smart kettles that could be controlled from a smartphone and could boil water to the nearest degree. Those who love collectible and exotic teas know perfectly well: a discrepancy of 1-3 degrees with a traditional recipe can ruin the whole drink.

Further, in 2017, REDMOND modernized smart kettles, releasing their second generation. Its distinguishing feature was the ability to work as a lamp and shimmer in different colors to the beat of the music. These lighting effects are provided by the kettle's 'smart' RGB lighting.

In the fall of 2019, REDMOND will release the third generation of REDMOND SkyKettle G22S smart kettles. If the current teapots-lamp have only 1 LED (in the bottom of the kettle), then in the new generation there will be as many as 24 LEDs (along the entire diameter-perimeter of the kettle). And each LED will be able to reproduce its own unique color, different from the 'neighbor'.

Who teaches Yandex.Alisa to boil water and other secrets of smart REDMOND technology

This means that it will be possible to build 'color games of the teapot' for every taste. For example, you can watch a football match with your favorite team, and the smart kettle will shine with the colors of its (team's) flag.

Who teaches Yandex.Alisa to boil water and other secrets of smart REDMOND technology

The new generation of REDMOND smart kettles will learn how to measure the amount of water (the kettle will be able to display data on the smartphone screen). And in the handle of the device there is now a light sensor – and the brightness of the backlight of the smart kettle will be regulated by itself, depending on the illumination of the room. Finally, the lid of the smart kettle is now completely removable: this is a solution from the category of pleasant little things that make it much easier to draw water into the kettle, for example, from a low tap.

In 2019, thanks to the interaction between REDMOND and Yandex, some types of smart technology – including smart kettles – began to be controlled by voice. Those. to manual control (buttons on the teapot body) and to the possibility of 1-click control on a smartphone (via the Ready for Sky application), voice control was added through the Yandex.Alice assistant. It's pretty simple: you wake up, stretch and as you exhale, say: 'Alice! Turn on the kettle! '. And you go to wash. On your return from the bathroom you will find a ready-made boiling water. All.

About coffee makers

The first REDMOND RCM-15185 smart capsule coffee maker will hit the market this fall. She not only can grind and brew freshly ground coffee herself, but she can also brew so-called. capsule coffee (quite trendy and convenient for many). The novelty is designed for the two most famous types of capsules – Nespresso and Dolce Gusto.

Who teaches Yandex.Alisa to boil water and other secrets of smart REDMOND technology

With a very modest size, the smart coffee maker has a decent volume of the working flask – a whole liter. And capsules for a smart coffee maker can be ordered at home through an application on a smartphone.

About pressure cookers and aero grills

A pressure cooker is a device that has been known for a long time (and as if it appeared before the multicooker). Food is cooked under high pressure – which shortens the cooking time – and that's why many love the 'classic' pressure cooker. To the delight of these users, we inform you that the first REDMOND smart pressure cooker will appear on the market within a year. And this fall, the REDMOND brand will launch the first smart airfryer.

Who teaches Yandex.Alisa to boil water and other secrets of smart REDMOND technology

The pressure cooker and airfryer familiar to everyone will be supplemented with useful and significantly saving your time 'smart gadgets' – remote start, built-in recipe book, cooking adjustments right in the process, etc.

About the results

Smart technology has only one goal – to make life easier for a modern person. So that parents are not on duty at the pan with borscht, but can play with the children (while the smart multicooker is cooking). And so that the always busy youth can eat properly and regularly (because smart technology prepares everything itself for the right time). And so that while you bake an Austrian strudel, you will be entertained by a smart kettle, shimmering in different colors in disco mode. And such a pleasant and cozy future – not without the help of smart REDMOND technology – can come right now, right at your home.

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