Who voices Alice Yandex

In the article we will tell you about who voiced Alice Yandex, what the actress looks like and what other options for voice acting are in the program settings.

'Alice' – voice assistance of Yandex. The first competitor of the American Siri. The assistant recognizes any speech. Having processed an incomplete request, it can perform an exact search on the Yandex.

Alice is not an ordinary voice assistant, but a full-fledged electronic 'personality'. She is able to cheer up or suggest a solution to a problem. So who voices Alice Yandex and makes it possible for her to become so unique and beloved by all Russian users? Let's talk about this further in the article.

what does alice yandex look like in real life

Who voiced Alice

Along with the question of voice acting, another one arises – what does Alice Yandex look like. Many moviegoers associate the face of Alice Yandex with the image of Scarlett Johansson. This is obvious, because the Russian dubbing of the actress, like the “mother” of the program voice, is Tatyana Shitova. Thanks to her, the modern help program has received such a melodic timbre.

Who voices Alice Yandex

Who is Tatiana Shitova

Tatyana Shitova is an active woman of her time. Due to her dedication in adolescence, the girl graduated from the Higher Theater School. Shchepkina. After that she worked at the Moscow Art Theater. These were the first steps in the active development of an acting career. Now, any photo of Alice from Yandex is Tatyana's face.

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Tatyana Shitova is a woman who showed what the voice assistant Alice looks like thanks to her voice.

The girl got her first job as an understudy in 2003, it was the voice acting of an advertisement. Her talent was appreciated and new perspectives in dubbing opened up for the actress. Today, she voices many popular Hollywood stars – Emma Stone, Daline Lane, and many others. The number of dubbed works (films, audiobooks) crossed the border of 500.

voice of alice yandex who voices

How was the voice acting of the texts

The team of programmers and creators have done a hard job to create a quality voice. Using the neural network of the program, a study was made of thousands of words, letters and sounds, voiced by Tatyana Shitova. By gluing together separate sounds with the required intonation, the programmers have achieved a significant result – lively and sensual.

The creation and voice acting of the text took about a year. An interesting fact – Tatiana until recently did not know what exactly she was voicing. After the release of the program, the girl said: 'If I knew how large-scale this project is and that millions of people would use my voice, I would have done a better job.'

in whose voice does alice yandex speak

How to change the voice of the program

Users often ask questions about whether there will be new voices and how the current voice of the application can be changed. There are 5 more options for voice acting:

  1. Oksana;
  2. Ermila;
  3. Jane;
  4. Zakhar;
  5. Erkan Yavas.

These voices change depending on the skill. Users cannot change voices on their own. Each character can be exchanged for others. So Oksana is the voice of the Navigator, and Erkan Yavas is the voice of the News.

Voice from Alice Yandex: video

For users interested in whose voice Alice Yandex has, a corresponding video has been selected, which briefly shows the operation of the program.

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