WikiPlaces – the most “popular” cards [Free]

WikiPlaces - the most  One of the most useful apps in App Store and also free. Serves as a mobile extension of and may surprise many with its information. It would seem that what can be opposed to such cartographic giants as Apple, Google or Yandex. It turns out you can. The peculiarity of this service is that users themselves add all the information here, as in wikipedia. If I am interested in what is in the neighboring building, just open WikiPlaces. There will be not just background information, but live reviews, links to history and details that you will not find anywhere else. So, what is interesting about “folk” cards in Yandex maps or “folk” marks in Yandex navigator? The fact that the information entered by users is displayed there. But, for various reasons, incl. ethical, this information is being edited. There is no such global editing in WikiPlaces. Therefore, you can simply get a “grain of gold” in the sea of ​​information sand. After installing the application, it asks to determine your location. This is convenient for further work with the application. “Secret Physicists” may refuse 🙂 WikiPlaces - the most "popular" cards [Free] Further, not just a map appears, with marked streets and buildings. On the map, a red outline indicates various places where a description can be found, if one of the users bothered to enter information there. WikiPlaces - the most "popular" cards [Free] For example, I chose a square next door and received information stunning in its veracity 🙂 WikiPlaces - the most "popular" cards [Free]WikiPlaces - the most "popular" cards [Free] Then I decided to see the tourist cities. Having chosen Prague, I finally saw the clear boundaries of the Old Town district with a brief description of this area. WikiPlaces - the most "popular" cards [Free]WikiPlaces - the most "popular" cards [Free] Summing up, we can say that an interesting mapping application has appeared, which will become more and more interesting if users take an active part in entering useful and fun information into it.

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