World War Z – zombies again

World War Z - zombies again Hello dear readers! “Attention! War is approaching us!” – this is the slogan of a new film going around the world, in which the main role is played by the well-known handsome Brad Peet. Well, thank God, no war is coming to us in real life, but there is a film – World War Z. And the release of the game, which will be discussed today, is timed to coincide with this event. But, surprisingly, now this game feels very confident in App Store, and surprisingly, it is paid. Yes, 169 p. – how much the developers rated the game. Must the game really be worth it? Or do developers have too much ambition? Let's find out. World War Z - zombies again So let's start the game. By the way, an interesting point: in the description of the game it is written in large letters that the game has very, very cool graphics, and that only owners of the freshest devices from the apple company can comfortably play. For the future I will say – yes, unfortunately this is so, but about everything in order. World War Z - zombies again The first drawback of the game is that there is no loading screen! Yes, it's just a picture that says “Loading”. Instead, there is a black screen. It seems that this is a trifle, but if you are playing not on iPhone 5 (and 4s for this game is a child's toy), then the game will load everything that is possible for about 40 seconds. And all these 40 seconds – a black screen. Think about it: the phone is frozen or something? World War Z - zombies again Finally, having reached the main menu, press the new game, select the layers to save and go to battle! (After another 2 minutes of the black screen). World War Z - zombies again But the gameplay is very cool, I'm not afraid of the word. Constant development of the plot, always action – what you need! We move around the map by clicking on any visible area for movement, the main character shoots himself – we just need to aim at the zombie. Conveniently? Certainly. But here the main character shoots cartridges quickly enough and the “endless” pistol is only enough for a couple of locations. World War Z - zombies again The game goes something like this: a couple of waves of zombies, then we go to the next location, thinking a little with our heads. World War Z - zombies again The graphics in the game are not as advanced as the developers say they are – just check out the screenshots. World War Z - zombies again As a result, the game turned out to be not even bad, but the optimization let us down (it could have been better, because there are so many good examples). I advise the game first of all to those who have the latest devices, because only they will be able to feel the whole thrill of the game. By the way, the game is already in the general account. Good luck!

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