X-Mercs – Chess Plus Marine Corps Tactics [Free]

X-Mercs - Chess Plus Marine Corps Tactics [Free] Less than two weeks ago, a promising game project was released – a turn-based tactical game for iPhone and iPad called X-Mercs from Game Insight. Since the release, we have managed to get to know the player better and are now ready to share our impressions … X-Mercs - Chess Plus Marine Corps Tactics [Free] Immediately, we note that the new product has a lot in common with another popular tactical project – X-Com. And this applies not only to the style, but also to the game mechanics. But this is more an advantage of the X-Mercs than a disadvantage. There are many truths and differences. However, let's talk about everything in order. The game takes place in the not too distant future at the moment when fragments of a meteorite flying by nearby fall to the Earth. Interspersed with unusual material in these fragments makes them extremely attractive to scientists and industry. But along with the unprecedented benefits comes a negative bonus. In the area where the debris falls, animals and plants mutate into extremely unfriendly life forms. And at this very moment, aliens arrive on the planet, who use mutants to destroy the human race. They are opposed by special military organizations that are ready to hire themselves for a certain fee and eliminate any enemy. One of these organizations will be controlled by the player. Very similar to X-Com, right? X-Mercs - Chess Plus Marine Corps Tactics [Free] The similarities don't end there. The player will have to collect his squad of several mercenaries and go on a wide variety of tasks. They will not always be associated directly with the destruction of mutants or aliens. X-Mercs has prepared over 200 different missions for players, sometimes combat, sometimes reconnaissance, rescue or research. Along with the storyline quests, there are also side quests, with the help of which users can collect valuable resources or gain access to new technologies. X-Mercs - Chess Plus Marine Corps Tactics [Free] Resources, in turn, must be spent on the construction and development of your own base. By the way, the developers borrowed all the 'mechanics' of construction from another genre – mobile city-planning simulators – with all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, users should immediately prepare for the fact that the development of the base will be rather slow. This is due to both a fairly long construction time and a considerable amount of necessary resources that need to be collected. X-Mercs - Chess Plus Marine Corps Tactics [Free] X-Mercs - Chess Plus Marine Corps Tactics [Free] You will have to improve not only buildings, but also your soldiers. They can be pumped by learning new abilities and enhancing parameters, as well as equipped with new weapons and armor. The choice is a whole arsenal of both completely human and frankly alien blasters, rifles and other deadly weapons. X-Mercs - Chess Plus Marine Corps Tactics [Free] X-Mercs - Chess Plus Marine Corps Tactics [Free] If we talk about the step-by-step part of X-Mercs, then everything is pretty standard. By sending their squad on a mission, users will be taken to a closed level. The entire playing field will be divided into squares, and each fighter will have a certain number of action points that can be spent on moving, shooting or using abilities. A variety of shelters and useful items are also scattered around the map. We should also talk about the external design of X-Mercs. Here the developers did their best using the modern Unity game engine. The game has bright and detailed graphics, excellent design of various levels and colorful special effects. But this beauty had to pay off with certain restrictions. X-Mercs is quite demanding on the stuffing of apple mobile devices. To start the game, users need at least iPhone 5, iPad 3 or iPad mini 2. In conclusion, I would like to say that, despite all the similarities between X-Mercs and X -Com, we still advise you to try your hand at both projects. Since both games differ in plot and are interesting in their own way. In addition, X-Mercs is constantly evolving, the developers promise to release new tasks and items over time, improve the existing PvP system, and so on. You can download the game for free, but be prepared for the fact that there is a store with goods for real currency in the game. Shopping can greatly simplify the process of passing, but they are not required at all.

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