Xenowerk is a good shooter

Xenowerk is a good shooter Do you love well-made mobile games? I think so, because even I, not a fan of playing on mobile devices, appreciated the new game from Pixelbite – Xenowerk. This is another shooter with good graphics and quite an interesting idea. I think fans of this type of games should like it … The essence of the game is that, as a result of a scientific experiment, the planet was captured by mutants, well, as you would expect, your goal is to destroy all the nests and all mutants in order to prevent the spread of the infection. The game has several levels, the difficulty of which is constantly growing. Unfortunately, many levels repeat each other, but this does not make the game less interesting. Well, now that it has become clearer what will be discussed, we will finally open the game. We are greeted by the Pixelbite logo. Xenowerk is a good shooter The following is a brief description of the game: Xenowerk is a good shooter We select equipment, level (of course, only the 1st level is open so far) and press the coveted “Play” button. Xenowerk is a good shooter Xenowerk is a good shooter Hmm, level 1 loaded pretty quickly on my old iPad mini 1st generation, commendable! The game is controlled using two on-screen buttons, one of which is responsible for movement, and the second for aiming and shooting. Xenowerk is a good shooter The score is shown at the top, the “life indicator” is also located there. Points are awarded for killing monsters. The arrow shows in which direction to move. The rating is shown at the top center. As you understand, the game has a rating system based on results. The rating is given when you kill monsters and is deducted when monsters kill you. If you were killed by a monster, then you can choose: resurrect with the loss of one point or restart the level. By clicking on the “camera” on the left side, the player looks at everything that happens from a point behind the weapon. Xenowerk is a good shooter The plus sign on the right gives additional features such as healing, etc. Xenowerk is a good shooter By clicking on pause, a level map opens. Xenowerk is a good shooter Settings are also opened there. Xenowerk is a good shooter All levels are divided into 3 zones, which in turn are distributed over several floors: a total of 50 levels. Xenowerk is a good shooter Each time you pass a level, a salary is credited, which can be spent on improving weapons and the like (the choice is very wide). Let's move on to a few very nice features of the game: firstly, you can challenge your friends through social networks. Secondly, many languages ​​are supported, among which there is also Russian. Thirdly: the game has full support for Metal technology! This is really interesting. Xenowerk also supports MFi controllers (if of course there are people on our site who have these controllers). In addition to this whole set of features, there is support for cloud saving to iCloud and the Game Center leaderboard (but this will not surprise anyone). Xenowerk is a good shooter At the very beginning of the review, I was rather skeptical about this toy, but it turned out that this is not just a beautifully drawn dummy, thanks to which you can pass a little time (although at first it may seem so). This game is really interesting and it is not so easy to come off your tablet or smartphone. Of the shortcomings, I can call the first 5 levels not very difficult, although this is probably an advantage. So this review came to an end, and I went on to kill monsters.

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