Yandex Music on iPhone, is it worth paying or not

Yandex Music on iPhone, is it worth paying or not

This is a cross between a huge media library and Internet radio. As the developers themselves write: in the collection of the service there are more than 4.5 million compositions of different genres and styles – from classics to reggae. And all this is available for listening and downloading. The first version of the application iPhone was launched at the end of May this year, and now a major update has come out. Let's see what made us happy …

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In a short summary, the main features of the program:

  1. Synchronization of playlists of the service for listening to iPhone. You can compose a list of songs via the web interface and then listen to them on your phone.
  2. Yandex Music on iPhone, is it worth paying or not

  3. Saving tracks to iPhone with the ability to listen to them offline.

Those. I downloaded music to myself in the evening on iPhone and you walk calmly all day. I have not seen such an opportunity in any application.

This is what it was before.

What's added

  1. Added “Radio” mode. This is not a radio in the literal sense, but a musical stream of compositions similar in genre and style.
  2. Now the program can play music not only from the Yandex collection, but also what you have uploaded to iPhone yourself and even music files from your Yandex.Disk.
  3. Yandex Music on iPhone, is it worth paying or not

  4. The function of recognizing music and songs by ear has been added. And it works great 🙂

Yandex Music on iPhone, is it worth paying or not

In details

Composition recognition is a very useful thing. Since it is implemented on the SoundHound engine, the results are appropriate. The program copes with this remarkably, just like the native application.

True, in SoundHound you can immediately see the lyrics of the song and all similar compositions in style. There is no such thing in Yandex.Music, and what is very bad, there is not even a search history.

Probably on purpose so as not to compete with SoundHound :).

The “Radio” mode is good, but the style separation is very weak here. I have not found the SKA genre. And all Rock in general is represented by one “Rock” tab. From the Beatles to “Corrosion of Metal” – everything is the same for Yandex.Music.

Yandex Music on iPhone, is it worth paying or not

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With the addition of new sections and tabs, the logic in the interface is somewhat lost. Sometimes you just don't understand what you have to press to return to the player.

The main page with new products is frankly about nothing. There is nothing interesting there, it is not clear how it is formed and what Polina Gagarina is doing there.

Yandex Music on iPhone, is it worth paying or not

But despite all the listed shortcomings, the application deserves a “Super” rating.

Almost any music is always available. With unlimited Internet from Megafon, it is quite possible to listen to an entire album of 10-12 songs until the limit of 30MB, a wide channel, ends. After the limitation, you have to wait five minutes for each song to download.

Yandex Music on iPhone, is it worth paying or not

All this is good, but this is such a nuisance. You have to pay 199 rubles for the service. per month or 2388 rubles. in year.

On the occasion of the release of the new version, the subscription price has been reduced from 199 to 99 rubles per month (when paid on the website) and to 129 rubles (when paid in the application itself). The promotion will last until the end of February. You can try the new version of the application without a subscription.

If you have never used the Yandex music service at all, then two weeks of subscription will be absolutely free for you.

There is one more bonus, for someone like, but for me it is very important.

For a paid subscription with iPhone (i.e. for 129 rubles), the amount of disk space on Yandex Disk is increased by 10 Gigabytes.

Since I use it a lot, it is a very good addition.

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