Yandex.Navigator – auto navigator for the city [Free]

Yandex.Navigator - auto navigator for the city [Free]

Today Yandex has released a new application for iPhone – “Yandex.Navigator”. A logical continuation of Yandex.Maps for motorists. Almost all the products of this company have always left positive emotions for me personally. This is due to the fact that, as far as I know, any new service from yandex first undergoes extensive testing and debugging. And only then it becomes available to everyone. Rambler recently introduced a similar product. On this occasion, there was a review of the comparison of Rambler maps and Yandex.Maps, where a lot of unfinished moments in Rambler were noticed. Let's check how good the new program from Yandex is.

Yandex.Navigator - auto navigator for the city [Free]

So what Yandex.Navigator can do:

– builds routes on the maps of cities in Russia and Ukraine, as well as on the routes between them. In total, more than 500 cities of Russia and Ukraine and schemes of 274 cities are available.

– accompanies the route with voice prompts;

– can rebuild the route based on constantly updated information about traffic jams and traffic events;

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– has a huge base of geographical objects, city infrastructure facilities (cafes, restaurants, etc. everything that is on the Internet);

In principle, all the standard functions of the auto navigator.

Yandex.Navigator - auto navigator for the city [Free]

I will add on my own, the application has a convenient interface. Very simple with big icons. Which is extremely beneficial for health when poking at iPhone with your fingers while moving.

There are night and day modes. When calculating the route, the program has color-coded road congestion. I've seen this before in a DashCommand application. Very clearly demonstrates where you can stand for a long time.

Yandex.Navigator - auto navigator for the city [Free]

But what is missing is the loaded maps. The navigator downloads all pictures from the Internet. And in case of a bad connection, you will be left without navigation. In addition, it is not clear how things are with traffic. Apparently, unlike Yandex.Maps, you will have to pay for it. And if you do not have unlimited Internet, then it's decent.

In general, the application is fast and stable. During the time that I used it, nothing hung or crashed.

This is the first version of the program, and damn it turned out. I hope in the future the developers will expand the functionality and capabilities of the navigator.

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