Yandex.Navigator. – new version with voice control

Yandex.Navigator.  - new version with voice control

Yandex.Navigator.  - new version with voice control

Recently there was an update for the Yandex.Navigator application. It includes a variety of routing and interface management improvements.

In addition, in large cities, information was added on insidious cameras placed to check speed and lines. Throughout its existence, from the first review, the application has changed a lot. The interface, route processing system, etc. have changed …

But today we will talk about one wonderful property associated with the voice dictation of the route in the navigator. Now you can direct the navigator anywhere using your voice, while not being distracted from the road. While voice control is in beta mode, you can still use it now. Considering that the application is free – generally shine.

Yandex.Navigator.  - new version with voice control

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I think there is no point in talking about changes in the interface, it is a must see. Therefore, we will go straight to the main innovation of the updated version of the program. So, as you could immediately notice, a button with a microphone appeared on the left, it will allow us to 'talk' to the navigator. We click on it and dictate, for example, 'Red Square', click on 'Recognize', yes, this must be done here, and we are waiting. In a couple of seconds, if there is a good network connection, the application will give us the result on the map. We press 'Let's go!', And now you are on your way to the center.

Yandex.Navigator.  - new version with voice control

In general, using voice commands, you can build a route, talk about an accident or other incident on the road. In the event that you are jammed with some addresses or short names of directions, like 'Home', 'Favorite restaurant', etc., the application will be able to recognize them when speaking. That is, you will not need to explain to him what is here and what. The situation is exactly the same with companies and organizations hammered into Yandex. If you tell the navigator 'there is an accident on the road', it will immediately transmit your message to Yandex services and put a mark on the map with an accident icon.

Yandex.Navigator responded perfectly to the word 'accident' and suggested that I place a placemark on the map.

This understanding is commendable. True, it's a pity that you have to press the button to complete.

Yandex.Navigator.  - new version with voice control

Nevertheless, the update came out very high quality. And to improve it, users are encouraged to send feedback through the built-in function of the application or through App Store. Yandex.Navigator is available for download from App Store.


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