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Yandex.News - all news on one screen Yandex is not only the most popular search engine in Runet, the company has long gone beyond just building relevant search results. Literally today, in App Store, the Yandex.News application is published, which is an aggregator of “hot” news from leading online media. As the name suggests, Yandex.News builds a news feed from materials taken from the most authoritative Internet media outlets:, Segodnya, RIA Novosti, Itar-TASS, Interfax and many others. Yandex.News - all news on one screen When forming a news background, the application uses geotargeting and displays news relevant to your region: for residents of Ukraine – news from the Ukrainian media first, the rest are further down the list, and accordingly, for residents of Russia, news related to Russia and the near abroad is displayed first. Do not forget to allow the application to access your device's location services (the request appears during the first launch). Yandex.News - all news on one screen Yandex.News is not a media outlet; it is intended solely to collect either all news or only from selected sources. The application has its own library where news is added in one simple move. You can independently choose the most interesting category (Politics, Society, Economics, etc.) or a source of information. To search for news and sources in Yandex.News, the search engine base is used, which means that the possibilities are almost endless and it will not be difficult to find the right source of work. Yandex.News - all news on one screen The side menu, in addition to the title search bar, allows you to easily switch between the main news, added personally and located in the library, as well as between all categories. In the application settings, you can create your own list of your favorite sources, as well as those that you don't want to read (black list). You can connect social networks and collect news that friends have shared on social networks. You can change the news release from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, and select a separate region and language. Yandex.News - all news on one screen The news aggregator copes with its task just fine: a huge database, impressive customization options (building your own blacklist and preference list), convenient and friendly news display, social component, reading mode without pictures (to save traffic) and much more. It is distributed absolutely free of charge and does not contain any advertising. With its development, Yandex will spoil the statistics of many media outlets. with Yandex.News, there is no need to run several separate applications, and on one screen you can read news simultaneously from different sources.

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