Yandex.Radio – adaptive music radio [FREE]

Yandex.Radio - adaptive music radio [FREE] While Apple is preparing for tomorrow's WWDC 15 presentation, at which the launch of streaming radio will be announced in conjunction with the Beats purchased a year ago – our Yandex simply and without unnecessary noise launches this service, and in addition, it is focused primarily on Russian users. Is it coincidental? Let's see what came of it! Yandex launched a website and developed an application for iPhone, allowing you to choose music according to your preferences, mood and, most interestingly, situation. That is, right before your morning jog, you choose the type of activity “Running” in the application and you will receive calm measured music specially selected for this type of activity. Before going to bed, you choose “Fall asleep” and already listen to calm soothing and relaxing music. Yandex.Radio - adaptive music radio [FREE] Yandex.Radio - adaptive music radio [FREE] The application also allows you to experience the music of decades, from the fifties to modern compositions that we all hear on the radio. Speaking of radio. The very name of the application “Yandex.Radio” was chosen for a reason. Yandex's brainchild really allows you to listen to the most ordinary FM radio, to which we are all so accustomed. The application includes 25 of the most popular radio stations, so fans of conventional radio waves are not left without Yandex's attention. Yandex.Radio - adaptive music radio [FREE] Yandex.Radio - adaptive music radio [FREE] What are your impressions? Personally, I really liked the app! I wanted to listen to Love Radio – please! In which century I decided to shake the press – I easily included a dynamic selection for more motivation. And no subscriptions or purchases – everything is absolutely free of charge, that is, for nothing, as one cartoon character said. Recomend for everybody.

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