Year Walk – perhaps the best quest in recent years

Year Walk - perhaps the best quest in recent years I can say with confidence that this has not been done before. The story offered in this game can be perceived as a fairy tale, which, in fact, is originally it. Year Walk is a quest moderately 'seasoned' with horror films, which was released in early 2013. To say that the game is atmospheric is to say nothing. She seems to be permeated with notes of something fabulous and bewitching … Year Walk - perhaps the best quest in recent years The game is based on Swedish folk tales and takes place at the end of the 19th century. The plot is based on the adventures of a young man named Daniel Swenson, which began on New Year's Eve 1894. He is in love with Stina Nillson, with whom they are engaged. Year Walk - perhaps the best quest in recent years But in order for their marriage to take place, he needs to pass a test, the Year Walk (Walk of the Year). This is an old Swedish tradition that is performed on the eve of any important events. Daniel Swenson must go hiking in the forest without food or water, where he will meet mythical folk creatures. Year Walk - perhaps the best quest in recent years If they successfully pass the test, they will show him the future that awaits them with his beloved. It can be both happy and unhappy. Our hero wants to know this for sure, so that, if anything, change him. Everything that will happen next, and all those heroes that Daniel Swenson will meet, are quite real to themselves. For their existence, one can say 'thanks' to Swedish folklore and folk legends. Sometimes fairy tales reflect more true folk history than even what is written in school history books. Year Walk - perhaps the best quest in recent years Our hero will meet in five guardians of the forest: The Huldra, The Brook Horse (River Horse), The Myling, The Night Raven (Night Raven), The Church Grim (Church Grim). All of them, in themselves, are unique characters who play an important role in this story. Year Walk - perhaps the best quest in recent years The only thing that unites them is the darkness and unwillingness to help us in the passage of this path. There are times when they literally try to confuse us with words or actions, but the light in the dark is still visible. This game is steeped in mystery and, often, it is really scary. As the riddles are solved, there will be meetings with new heroes of the fairy tale. Year Walk - perhaps the best quest in recent years The game has two endings: bad and alternative (not very good). Everyone will understand how to achieve this or that outcome, starting its passage. I'll tell you a secret that the box can only be opened at the very end … Year Walk - perhaps the best quest in recent years Everything in this game is holistic and independent. Separately, I would like to note the soundtrack, which evokes even greater fabulousness and beauty of history. The graphics in the app for iPhone and how the interaction objects are drawn are simply beyond praise. It is worth noting an important element: contrary to the quest genre, the game has a minimum number of dialogues, which are sometimes plagued with abundance and duration. Controlling and interacting with the world takes place using swipes across the screen forward or backward, as well as sideways along the location to the right or left. The game is completely 2D and is played from the first person perspective. Although there is a moment at the end when 3D objects appear, this is more the exception than the rule. Of course, this game can be recommended to everyone, even those who do not like quests. Those who, in comprehending games on iPhone, did not stop at “Angry Birds”, this story should definitely like it. This is a great opportunity to expand your consciousness and understand what games on iPad should be. This game has additional materials that can be downloaded for free. There is information about the characters in this forest. Also in this application there is a secret that will be available after completing the game itself, it will tell a true story related to the above-mentioned forest, and indicate what needs to be done next … From myself I would like to add: I would like to add more such games! After all, it is in them that the potential of the platform IOS and iPad, in particular, is completely torn apart.

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