You Pose – poses for photography [Free]

You Pose - poses for photography [Free] The app is very simple but very useful! As you can imagine, You Pose contains some guidelines for choosing a pose for a shot. To show the model from its best side, literally and figuratively. I must say that there are quite a few poses – about a hundred. Let's take a closer look. We launch the application and immediately find ourselves in a kind of menu. And here we have several categories to choose from: girls, young people, couples, children and weddings. You Pose - poses for photography [Free] The first three categories are free and you can use them at any time. But the categories 'children' and 'weddings' are paid and for using them you will have to pay 33 rubles from your pocket for each category. But, you see, the amount is not large. You Pose - poses for photography [Free] We select one of the proposed categories, for example, 'girls'. And before us there is a small list of different poses for photography. You Pose - poses for photography [Free] If you choose one of the poses, a brief description of the pose, its advantages and some recommendations for shooting will appear under it. By the way, to select another pose, it is not necessary to go back to the list, you can flip through the poses, similarly flipping through the photos. You Pose - poses for photography [Free] If you liked the pose, you can 'like' it and it will appear in the 'favorites' category and you will not have to search for it long in other categories. You Pose - poses for photography [Free] I must say that the application contains really good ideas for shooting. For example, the 'couples' category will suggest poses for you that, looking at your pictures, others will think that you were at a photo session with a cool photographer. You Pose - poses for photography [Free] I am glad that the application is not overloaded with anything, has a simple and pleasant design. Nothing superfluous, just necessary! Appreciate every moment of life and capture it in the picture from the right angle!

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