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Yunisov TV - watch TV wherever you want We all love to spend time in front of the TV from time to time. However, often because of our workload, we have to miss our favorite programs, and even our favorite football … Let me present to your attention an application for iPhone “Yunisov TV”, thanks to which you will no longer miss your favorite program. I would like to note right away that the program even includes paid football channels – “Football”, “Football 2” and “Our Football” from NTV + Yunisov TV - watch TV wherever you want One important detail: for the application to work correctly and fully, it is necessary to have a reliable, and preferably fast, connection to the Internet, otherwise the application will simply have nowhere to “broadcast”. By the way, Yunisov TV perfectly supports 3 and 4G. The application supports more than 60 Russian channels, including Channel One, Russia 1, Russia 2, TNT, Domashny, and so on. As you can see, there are plenty to choose from. Yunisov TV - watch TV wherever you want By the way, the residents of Ukraine also have something to please. Yunisov TV supports 8 Ukrainian channels. To go to them, it is enough to select the appropriate region (by the way, there are only 2 of them: Russia and Ukraine). Yunisov TV - watch TV wherever you want Also for convenience, All channels are divided into several categories: popular, news, leisure, cinema, for children, and so on in the same spirit. This “gradation” allows you to immediately pick up a program to your liking, without wasting extra traffic to load each page. Yunisov TV - watch TV wherever you want For most TV channels, the app contains a TV guide that is updated online. The application always shows the program in the time interval that is now reflected on the clock, so to speak. Thus, if the clock is 20:30, then the program will be displayed approximately for this time interval and you will not have to scroll “from morning to evening” in the literal sense 🙂 Yunisov TV - watch TV wherever you want Chose what you want to watch, then go ahead! Feel free to press. And … we see a picture of pretty decent quality. Of course, a lot depends on the speed of the Internet, but if the connection is fast, then the picture will delight you! Yunisov TV - watch TV wherever you want That's all! Happy viewing!

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