ZenMate – how to bypass site blocking on iPhone [Free]

ZenMate - how to bypass site blocking on iPhone [Free]

There are various ways to bypass site blocking. The easiest is to use the translator Google translate. Enter the link to the desired site in the translation field, press translate and you will get the blocked page almost in its original form. Everything is fine, but if you need to register on this site, then Google will not allow you to do this, since the translator does not support work with forms. More complex options are the installation of special browsers like Torah, which drive traffic through their own proxy. But I personally got used to Safari, there I have all the settings and bookmarks. For the sake of one or two sites, I see no point in keeping a special browser.
Therefore, the option with ZenMate seems to me the most optimal. The application creates its own connection to the proxy server for all traffic from iPhone. You can use any browser or any program, all traffic from iPhone will go through a proxy …

The application is not burdened with settings. You can select only the country through which the proxy server will work. That's it, now press the big button in the center of the screen. The button has changed color. Close the application and use other programs. The VPN message in the tray will remind you that traffic goes through a proxy. If necessary, you can also disable traffic redirection by opening ZenMate and clicking the button again.

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ZenMate - how to bypass site blocking on iPhone [Free] ZenMate - how to bypass site blocking on iPhone [Free]

About speed.

Of course, any proxy does not add speed to your Internet connection. But in the case of ZenMate, I didn't notice much of a difference.

ZenMate - how to bypass site blocking on iPhone [Free]

Blocking Flibusta.net makes it clear that we will soon be faced with the need to use such services.
At the moment, I can recommend the application to anyone who is thinking how to bypass the blocking of Flibusta and other well-known resources.

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