App of the day: Capture to create a 3D human model

Sometime this should have happened: the Standard Cyborg development team released the Capture application, which uses a Face ID camera to create virtual copies of users in 3D. Science fiction becomes reality!

App of the day: Capture to create a 3D human model

The program uses an infrared sensor in iPhone XS, XR or iPhone X to build a 3D face model. The app then creates the texture of the model using the front camera. For everything to work out as it should, you should slowly move the camera over your entire head. Any object can be scanned in the same way.

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We have to admit that Capture still has problems with scanning people. Flaws happen due to the fact that it is quite difficult for a person to hold the phone straight: as a result, the picture turns out with “bald spots”. Item models are much better!

The Capture app can be downloaded at App Store absolutely free.

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