App of the Day: Into the Dead. Horror legend!

App of the Day: Into the Dead.  Horror legend!

What could we talk about in Halloween if not a horror game? Into The Dead has long gained popularity among fans of the genre, but our review is intended for those who just now wanted to tickle their nerves.

The main character turned out to be the epicenter of the zombie apocalypse, where there is not a single free minute. The essence of the game comes down to endless obstacle races. However, the game has a number of cool features that set it apart from its peers.

App of the Day: Into the Dead.  Horror legend!

First, the first person view. Thanks to this, the effect of presence is significantly increased, because the player looks through the eyes of the protagonist. Before us is an open field through which the character begins to run automatically, and the gamer's task is to correct the direction and use weapons, if necessary. And you will have to do this, do not hesitate: you will have to fight your way to the goal through the hordes of disgusting zombies. And if at first you can just run around them, then in the future you will have to clear your way with a fight, and weapons, according to the classics, are not enough. You will have nine types in your arsenal, including a chainsaw, grenades and a machine gun. New weapons are unlocked after completing certain missions.

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Before each race, you will be shown a set of goals that you need to complete in order to gain access to new ones – these are the missions in Into The Dead. This can be, for example, improving the record for the distance passing or killing a certain number of undead.

App of the Day: Into the Dead.  Horror legend!

Graphics perfectly accompany the gameplay. In Into The Dead, you will not see bright colors and the sun, on the contrary, thick fog enhances the heavy atmosphere and hides the dead, making the task more difficult for the gamer. The sounds – shots and shouts – are also tastefully selected.

If you have not yet figured out what to do on Halloween night, this game is for you! Moreover, you can download it for free. Enjoy!

Cost: Free

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