Editor's Choice: Debit & Credit App for Family Budget Gurus

Выбор редакции: приложение Debit & Credit для гуру семейного бюджета

Debit & Credit application is intended for those who value functionality above all. The design will delight adherents of minimalism: there are practically no graphics in it – the menu consists of text lists. The application looks simple enough, but it has impressive functionality.

In Debit & Credit, you can create accounts and expense categories, customize budget categories, record expenses, and monitor the movement of funds on charts.

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The developers paid special attention to the reports. The application shows detailed information about how much and on what you spend your salary and whether your income is growing. Moreover, Debit & Credit can predict your financial position based on scheduled payments.

Выбор редакции: приложение Debit & Credit для гуру семейного бюджета

Nice bonus: the app supports CSV import and export, and iCloud sync. However, in order to add more than two accounts and be able to attach photos of receipts, you need to purchase the paid version.

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