Editor's Choice: GymGoal App for the Athletes

Editor's Choice: GymGoal App for the Athletes

Are you a beginner athlete or an experienced athlete? Do you want to practice a ready-made program or create your own unique workouts? Then GymGoal will suit you.

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This sports app includes detailed exercise descriptions and ready-made workouts. If you are a beginner, GymGoal will organize your workouts and suggest the optimal program for building muscle or losing weight.

It is noteworthy that users can use the program as a constructor: focus on certain muscle groups, copy repetitions and weights from history, skip, replace or add exercises.

Editor's Choice: GymGoal App for the Athletes

GymGoal has a statistics function, various calculators and integration with the standard Apple Health app.

The program can send you a backup copy of each workout by e-mail so that you do not lose your data. They will help you analyze your exercise load.

Price: 229 rubles

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