Game of the Day: Reigns: Her Majesty. Just swipe!

Game of the Day: Reigns: Her Majesty.  Just swipe!

Reigns: Her Majesty is a sequel to the popular game Reigns, where you could decide destinies with one swipe of your finger, playing as the ruler of a fairy kingdom. True, this time you have to play for the queen. Sometimes, of course, you have to deal with a silly king, but this only adds dynamics and variety.

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The gameplay of the game is as simple as possible. It seems that even someone who has never held a smartphone in their hands can play it. To solve this or that “quest” you just need to swipe left or right. How much easier?

The game is a kind of evolution of the original. Your decrees and the sometimes unpredictable requests of your entourage affect both the time spent as a ruler and the future of your family. You will have to think carefully before making a decision! Carefully weigh the pros and cons and do not follow the petitions of the emotional inhabitants of the kingdom, so as not to upset the balance of power in the state.

Reigns: Her Majesty has a new, very interesting subject system. You will need to mine gizmos that can be applied to certain character cards that offer additional options besides swipes. In addition, as we meet new heroes and events, more and more cards will be added to the deck.

Overall, this is a great sequel to a great game that really beats the original. Do not pass by, because now this application costs only 75 rubles.

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