TikTok app: is it worth downloading?

Recently, the name TikTok has flashed on the Internet every now and then, and bloggers are actively promoting the application in social networks. So what is this “beast” and is it worth downloading?

TikTok app: is it worth downloading?

TikTok is Vine, Instagram Stories, Snapchat combined. In it, users share short, vertical videos that are 15 seconds long. These are mainly music videos, sketches and reactions to trends.

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The application is conventionally considered teenage, because the guys are very fond of grimacing at the camera and conducting various flash mobs. However, at the same time, TikTok has already been chosen by celebrities and advertisers. It is likely that the social network has great potential! Indeed, for example, in the United States at the end of 2018, TikTok bypassed Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in terms of the number of downloads.

The application has all the necessary editing tools: stickers, masks, beautifiers. It is possible to speed up the video or, conversely, slow it down. You can also overlay a melody.

In addition to children and novice winers, there are famous bloggers on TikTok who publish good content. For example, you can find Little Big and Garik Kharlamov.

To summarize: TikTok can be downloaded if you like to laugh at memes once again, and at the same time, the abundance of teenage antics does not scare you. Well, or, you are a rising star of sketches – perhaps it is in this young social network that real fame will come to you.

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