Creative Sound Blaster E1 – Pure Amplifier

Creative Sound Blaster E1 - Pure Amplifier Today we are testing the super compact Sound Blaster E1 amplifier. This device allows you to connect to iPhone any headphones, including studio headphones with an input impedance of up to 600 ohms. And it delivers great sound on two outputs, greatly saving your smartphone battery. The built-in E1 battery allows it to work up to 25 hours on a single charge. When connected to a computer, the Creative Sound Blaster E1 can act as a USB DAC. There is a proprietary software with many interesting functions. But in this test, the operation of the amplifier was checked only when paired with a smartphone. Weighing in at 25g, the Creative Sound Blaster E1 delivers high power output. Using impressive studio headphones as a load, the headroom was still almost fifty percent. Creative Sound Blaster E1 - Pure Amplifier The device has two outputs for a 3.5 mm minijack, and, accordingly, you can connect two pairs of headphones. True volume control is one 🙂 Creative Sound Blaster E1 - Pure Amplifier This regulator is not the best solution. Its design is such that it easily moves when it comes into contact with clothing. You can get unexpected sound effects when you move carelessly. Therefore, it is better to immediately securely fix the amplifier on clothes using the provided clothespin. Creative Sound Blaster E1 - Pure Amplifier The device has a built-in microphone that turns the headphones into a headset. Proprietary technology Creative CrystalVoice provides high-definition voice communication, suppressing extraneous noise during a call. You can receive and make phone calls without removing the headphones. Creative Sound Blaster E1 - Pure Amplifier

Sound quality

Now to the very audition. The amplifier provides a signal-to-noise ratio of 106 dB. That is, when amplifying the sound, the noise generated by the electronics will be 200,000 times less than the useful signal. Previously, three-digit numbers in these characteristics were the privilege of tube technology. With the advent of new technologies and numbers, this quality has become available in miniature devices. This means that by setting the output iPhone to a low volume, it can be raised with virtually no distortion. Indeed, the amplifier draws out perfectly everything that is reproduced in the source. Large studio headphones dynamically reproduce the music that is boring when connected directly to a smartphone due to lack of power. Detailed product information can be found on the manufacturer's website, Creative.

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