Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

Headphones Apple Airpods are designed for those who do not want to buy an expensive wireless headset designed for devices based on the operating system iOS. These wireless earbuds are similar in design and functionality, but they are not without drawbacks. Among the headsets that work over the wireless protocol Bluetooth, there are models that are as compact as the devices Apple, and at the same time provide the same quality sound.

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

The Aftershokz Trekz Titanium wireless headset package includes:

  • headphones;
  • case with a clasp;
  • operating instructions;
  • microUSB cable for charging;
  • earplugs;
  • 2 silicone rubber bands.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

The model is the third generation of headphones designed by Aftershokz. Many shortcomings of previous versions have been fixed.

Titanium implies that titanium was used as the material for the case. The headset weighs 36 g. It is durable and can be flexed for comfortable use. Titanium is covered with green, blue or gray silicone overlays. The design has not changed compared to previous models.

The gadget is protected from water and sweat according to the IP55 standard. This headset should not be immersed in water, but it will protect against moisture penetration in the rain.

Each speaker is made from the following parts:

  • LeakSlayer strip to prevent sound leakage;
  • a magnet with a coil that forms the base of the speaker;
  • a rigid plastic spring that transmits a frequency of 10 KHz;
  • a thin disc made of metal, transmitting a frequency of 90 Hz;
  • nanodiscs that protect against liquid and dust penetration;
  • vibration optimization plate.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

The sides of the earbuds contain special filters that reduce sound leakage. Thanks to these devices, people around you hardly hear the music being played, even at maximum volume. If you use a headset for telephone conversations, outsiders will not be able to make out the words of your interlocutor. At an average volume level, sound leakage stops completely and no sound is heard by others.

If you connect the headphones to a smartphone, the user will receive voice prompts in English. This program with a female voice is called Audrey Says by the developers.

Premium Pitch + technology is responsible for the sound quality. These headphones are inferior in terms of quality to many wireless models, but superior to the previous devices of the company. Now the user can clearly hear low frequencies (bass) and use the built-in equalizer.

With the headset, you can easily control music playback and other functions, including checking the battery charge. The headphones work in standalone mode for no more than 6 hours.

Samsung Gear Iconx

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

The Gear Iconx device is one of the best Apple Airpods alternatives designed by a South Korean firm. This wireless headset fits well in your ears and delivers high-quality sound. The earbuds are suitable for athletes as they are equipped with fitness tracker functions.

This device has several color options and 3 sizes – Small, Medium and Large. The design is well thought out so that the headphones don't fall out of your ears. The headset is protected from moisture due to the P2i coating. The headphones automatically detect when the user is exercising and track the necessary metrics. Thanks to the 'Sound background' function, the user can hear everything that is happening around.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

There is a built-in 4 GB MP3 player. Thanks to this feature, the headset can be used as a stand-alone device. The battery for the device is integrated into the case. Synchronization with a smartphone and turning on the gadget occurs automatically. The gadget is compatible with the operating system Android 4.4 KitKat and later software versions from Google.

Headphones cost about 12,000 rubles.

Erato Apollo 7

The Erato Apollo 7 device is a compact wireless headset with a color palette that goes well with smartphones iPhone and other mobile gadgets of the firm Apple. These earbuds are securely fixed and do not fall out, are equally well suited for listening to music and phone calls.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

This headset has a stylish design that surpasses many of the competition. There are 4 color options in total:

  • the black;
  • Gray;
  • golden;
  • pink.

The case acts as a charger. In stand-alone mode, the headphones work no more than 3 hours. Synchronizing with a smartphone is simple and does not take much time.

Thanks to the built-in microphone, the gadget can be used for talking on the phone. The microphone is sensitive enough so that the user does not have to raise his voice during a conversation. The interlocutor can also be heard well with a sufficient mobile signal. The device is reliably protected from moisture penetration according to the IPX5 standard.

The main drawback of the headset is the price, which is about 18,500 rubles.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

Sol republic amps air

The Sol Republic Amps Air headphones offer quality sound with pronounced low frequencies. The package includes a case that functions as a charger for the phone.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

The disadvantages of this headset include the lack of buttons for adjusting the volume and switching tracks. In addition, the headphones can be accidentally turned on or off due to careless handling. The speakers don't sound loud enough compared to the competition.

The following color options are available:

  • the black;
  • pink;
  • blue;
  • blue-green.

Regardless of the color chosen, the case bears a golden Sol logo. The headphones are reliably protected from sweat and are hidden from prying eyes thanks to their compact size. The case is rubber coated and contains a connector for connecting to a power adapter. There are 4 types of ear tips included in the kit, which differ in size.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

The outer panel contains a microphone for phone calls and LED indicators that help the user to determine the battery level and sync with the smartphone. The earbuds are easily connected to the phone using the protocol Bluetooth.

Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra Elite Sport headphones deliver high quality music and voice. This device is positioned as a sports model. If desired, the user can use 1 earphone instead of 2.

This headset fits securely in your ears and will not fall out during use, even when jogging or swimming. The device records the necessary sports performance during training. An intelligent mode called 'Personal Trainer' is provided. In the absence of a wired connection to a power source, the headset works no more than 3 hours in the mode of a telephone conversation or playing music.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

The device is waterproof to IP67 and can be used while swimming or water sports. The headphones can withstand immersion in water to a depth of 1 m.

According to the developer, the headset can stay in water for no more than 30 minutes. The operating systems iOS and Android are supported at the software level, making the headphones compatible with any smartphones and tablets.

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The price of this gadget is approximately 15,500 rubles.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods


Skybuds wireless headphones are developed by Alpha Audi otronics. They come with a smartphone case. The headset connects to the device iPhone via Bluetooth. The case serves to protect your phone from shocks and drops, as well as to recharge the headphones. In addition to the headset, it can also charge a smartphone.

The compact Skybuds fits in any ear and takes up minimal space in your phone case. The device has a simple and functional design.

The developer paid a lot of attention to studying the structure of the human auricle in order to choose the optimal size and form factor of the headset. All possible shell shapes and sizes were taken into account. These are headphones that do not cause discomfort for the user during everyday use.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

The dimensions of the cover are 71.6×163.9×10.9 mm, weight – 50 g. The device is compatible with smartphones iPhone 6 and later models. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery is 1000mAh. A USB Type-A port is provided for charging.

The device passed all the tests in the MFi framework. The cost of the headphones is approximately 15,000 rubles.

Bragi 'The Headphone'

After the Dash wireless headphones, the German company Bragi released a cheaper model called The Headphone. Unlike the previous device, the redesigned headset lacks fitness features and is only intended for listening to music. After pressing a special button, the headphones begin to pass extraneous sounds, making it easier for the user to navigate in the environment.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

The headset is charged from the included case. Unlike the Dash model, the case is not made of aluminum, but plastic. There is no built-in battery and for this reason the device cannot be charged by placing it in the case. To do this, you need to connect the case to your computer via a USB cable. This option is not suitable for users who travel a lot.

The headphones work in standalone mode for no more than 5-6 hours, and this is more than that of many competitors. The case is made of quality materials and is lightweight. The earbuds are securely fixed inside the case with magnets so that they do not dangle on the road.

The headset is controlled by 3 buttons on the right speaker. With their help, you can turn on the device and adjust the volume level.

Doppler labs here one

Doppler Labs Here One wireless earbuds, in addition to playing music, are also used to receive phone calls. The headset provides not only high quality sound of compositions, but also the perception of ambient sounds. Smart noise cancellation system is provided. The device provides access to services Siri and Google Now.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

The delivery set includes the following items:

  • headphones;
  • case with built-in battery;
  • 6 pairs of rubber pads;
  • microUSB cable;
  • user manual in English;
  • guarantee.

The bottom of the box indicates that the device can be used to listen to audio recordings, supports voice control, passes external sound and is equipped with a noise suppression system.

The headset is lightweight, durable and comfortable to use. The case can charge the earbuds 3 times. The device synchronizes with computers, tablets and smartphones, provided that they are equipped with modules Bluetooth. Supported operating systems iOS and Android.

The earbuds went on sale in the spring of 2017. The cost is approximately 18,500 rubles.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

Beats Powerbeats3

Visually, the Powerbeats3 gadget resembles the first generation model. Thanks to the built-in chip Apple W1, the battery life is doubled, the charging time is reduced and the sound quality is improved. The delivery set includes the following items:

  • headphones;
  • a set of rubber pads;
  • silicone protective case;
  • microUSB cable for charging;
  • user's manual;
  • warranty card.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

The following color options are provided:

  • black and gray;
  • white;
  • black and blue;
  • black and red;
  • black and yellow;
  • gray-white.

A control panel is provided that allows you to adjust the volume level, start and stop playback, answer calls and rewind songs. The keys are sensitive and can be pressed even with gloves. The USB connector is not protected by a plug, but the headset is resistant to moisture penetration.

Easily syncs with devices Apple. Works offline up to 12 hours. Fast charging technology is provided. It is enough to put the device on charge for 5 minutes to get 1 hour of music playback. For comparison, the previous model Powerbeats 2 lasted less than 6 hours on battery.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods


The peculiarity of Earin wireless headphones is that they are devoid of a jumper and are intended only for music playback. This is a lightweight and comfortable headset that you can forget about after placing in your ears. The device provides high-quality music sound with detailed high and low frequencies.

This gadget is positioned as the smallest headphone in the world. To get started, it is enough to synchronize the headset with a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. In this case, only the left earpiece communicates with the phone, which then transmits a signal to the right one.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

Each speaker contains a miniature battery with a capacity of 50 mAh. The earphone weighs 5g and measures 20x14mm. The headset is protected from water and dust according to the IP 54 standard. The device is devoid of a microphone, sensors and LEDs.

The earbuds are protected against liquid ingress in accordance with the IP54 standard. The maximum battery life does not exceed 3 hours. Due to the lack of a microphone, the device is not suitable for telephone calls. The set includes a case that is used to recharge the headphones.

The price of the device is approximately 12,500 rubles.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods


The main feature of Aftershokz Trekz Titanium headphones is that they are complemented by a virtual assistant with a pleasant female voice. The Samsung Gear Iconx headset has built-in 4GB file storage for storing your music files.

The Erato Apollo 7 is stylishly designed and visually compatible with smartphones Apple. Sol Republic Amps Air headphones are equipped with LED indicators that help the user to determine the status of the gadget.

Review of the best analogues Apple AirPods

The Jabra Elite Sport headset is submersible and can be used for swimming in the pool. The Skybuds device is considered the most comfortable to use, since the developers have studied the structure of the human auricle and created the most convenient gadget.

Headphones Bragi The Headphone work offline for up to 6 hours. The Doppler Labs Here One headset has a noise canceling system, provides access to services Siri and Google.

Beats Powerbeats 3 has a battery life of up to 12 hours and supports fast charging. Earin wireless earbuds are considered the smallest on the market and are much cheaper than many competitors.

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