Apple AirPods: headphone overview

When buying a mobile device, headphones are almost always included. Headphones from Apple – EarPods – a novelty in the mobile headset market, which first appeared in a complete set with mobile devices iPhone 5 and players iPod Touch 5 and iPod Nano 7, and continues to be part of the company's new product suite Apple. The headset Apple EarPods review will tell you about the construction, design and sound of the headset, which combines comfort of use and sound quality.

Apple AirPods: headphone overview

Construction and design

EarPods are presented in a milky color and are made in the form of a drop. There are open speaker grilles on each side of the earbuds. High-quality plastic was used for manufacturing, assembly – without gaps.

The company Apple has been developing the construction and design of the headphones for over 3 years. Engineers conducted research, computer modeling and studied the structure of more than 1,000 human auricles, which made it possible to create the optimal design of the earbuds.

Apple AirPods: headphone overview

Features of the structure of EarPods:

  1. Comfortable in-ear shape, futuristic design.
  2. Added special holes to improve acoustics, which are located near the base and on the back of the headphones. This solution helped to increase air circulation inside the apparatus.
  3. EarPods fit snugly into the ear canal. Thanks to the clever shape, the earbuds do not fall out of the ears during sports.
  4. Changes affected the control panel – it became longer, the microphone grill was replaced with a miniature image. The remote is equipped with the functions of player control, volume control, microphone.
  5. High-quality and soft cable, equipped with a slider for connecting headphones.
  6. The earbuds are packed in a plastic box that protects against damage. But putting the headset in it after each use is inconvenient.
  7. The plug of the original EarPods has white lines.
  8. The length of the cord is 107 cm.

Apple AirPods: headphone overview


Modern headphones of the company Apple differ in sound quality – it is an order of magnitude higher than analogs supplied as standard with a mobile device.


  • the presence of bass;
  • mids sound good;
  • versatility – the headset is suitable for listening to any genres of music;
  • perfectly reproduce the guitar, percussion instruments;
  • in terms of sound, there are no competitors in this price segment.

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Apple AirPods: headphone overview


  • the sound cannot be called surround;
  • headphones cannot cope with complex melodies – the user receives a set of sounds without understanding the integrity of the composition;
  • weak high frequencies – sound detail is not sufficient;
  • on some tracks the vocals lack naturalness.

EarPods do not have rubber caps, so there is no discomfort when worn for a long time. At the same time, noise isolation is reduced to zero – when using the headset in transport, extraneous sounds are heard.

EarPods have the following parameters:

  • resistance – 23 ohms;
  • sensitivity – 109 dB;
  • frequency range – from 5 Hz to 21 kHz.

Apple AirPods: headphone overview

If the user is not satisfied with the sound, then to improve the quality of the music being played, it is worth buying an external portable amplifier.


EarPods have the opposite feeling. On the one hand, the headset is made in a modern design, easy to use, and on the other hand, the sound quality has disadvantages.

How the headset in the configuration of the EarPods mobile device cope with its functions. The earbuds are suitable for use in a quiet place – at home or while walking in the park. Cannot suppress noise when listening to music on the street, on the bus or on the subway.

A special feature of the earbuds is the control panel, which makes using the headset comfortable.

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