Battery case Barey

Battery case Barey  Many have noticed that after updating iPhone 4 / 4S to iOS 6, the time from charging to charging the phone was reduced. You have to plug into an outlet once a day, otherwise it is likely that by the end of the second day you will be completely without connection. There are no problems with this in the city, but if you go on a trip or a business trip, then the question with an additional battery for iPhone appears by itself. Style has to be replaced with practicality. Today in the review is a variant of such a battery cover from the manufacturer Barey. This accessory is specially designed for iPhone 4 / 4S in order to extend the phone's operating time and extend the life of the main battery. Additional battery capacity – 1500 mAh. Battery case Barey  The cover is made of soft velvety plastic. It comes in two colors black / white and doesn't add too much thickness to the phone. Battery case Barey  Battery case Barey  Battery case Barey  Battery case Barey  The quality of workmanship is quite high, the case is made exactly to size and after snapping the mount it becomes one with iPhone. The LED on the bottom of the cover indicates the operating mode. Blue corresponds to 100-80% charging, orange – below 80%. Battery case Barey  The battery case has a mini USB input and when connected to a computer iPhone is recognized in iTunes. When the Barey is connected to a power source, it charges first iPhone. When fully charged iPhone, the charging of the battery cover starts. It takes 5-6 hours to fully charge both devices. Battery case Barey  With the battery case turned on, iPhone will primarily consume the battery case without using its battery. Upon reaching the minimum battery charge level, iPhone will switch to its main battery. Thus, the case also saves the resource of the built-in battery iPhone due to a decrease in the number of charge-discharge cycles. Battery case Barey  Case provided by Barey.

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