Breathometer – breathalyzer for iPhone

Breathometer - breathalyzer for iPhone The Breathometer is a portable breathalyzer that tests the user's breath for the blood alcohol content. The device connects to iPhone above the display and reads the information for the sole purpose of informing the user about the blood alcohol level in time and thereby give him “food for thought” on the safety of the upcoming trip. The device can be purchased on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform for $ 20. For this price, the Breathometer will ship to the customer around January 2014, but if you “donate” more to the project, the delivery time will be accelerated and you will be the first to receive the device. Here is an excerpt from the official description of the device: Breathometer is a device and mobile programs that transform iPhone and Android – smartphones into a breathalyzer. Breathometer offers functions for informing the user about his drunken state and contacting the nearest companies involved in the delivery of passengers to quickly call a taxi. Once launched, Breathometer will be available on, Apple App Store and Google Play. Breathometer is FDA approved and pending patent pending. This is a great device even for those who drink only occasionally and a little, because even a small amount of alcohol can affect the ability to drive safely. The breathometer will be available in summer 2013 and it is expected that the affordable price, coupled with excellent quality compared to the currently available breathalyzers, will generate strong demand and market growth for this type of device.

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