Cover – battery for iPhone

Cover - battery for iPhone

MiLi Power Spring HI-C23 is an optional external battery for iPhone in the form of a case. When you hit the road, the time you use your smartphone dramatically increases. This includes watching movies on the plane, and searching for information on the Internet and frequent use of GPS. In this regard, the charge of the native battery begins to melt quickly.

As a result, after the warning about the 10% balance, you have to forget about all the additional functions iPhone and save the last charge for phone calls. Repeatedly I have already thought about buying such a device, which gives freedom from the outlet for several days.

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MiLi Power Spring HI-C23 is a self-contained 2000 mAh battery with a special operating mode. While your phone is connected to this device, the power resource of the external battery is used first. But, if this 'couple' is connected to a USB cable for recharging, then the battery first receives energy iPhone.

In the stand-alone mode, the potential of the removable battery is used and only then, after its complete discharge, the phone itself. Such optimization of the operation of the two devices leads to the desired result – to increase the battery life. Cover - battery for iPhone

Here are some impressive statistics:

  • phone work in standby mode up to 350 hours;
  • talk mode up to 13.5 hours;
  • surfing the Internet up to 6 hours;
  • music playback up to 28 hours;
  • video playback up to 8 hours.

The design of the case will not spoil the look of the phone. Simple and stylish.

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