Creative Aurvana Gold – music in silence

Creative Aurvana Gold - music in silence
Creative Aurvana Gold is the largest model of the entire Creative line that I have ever tested.

The headset is equipped with powerful 40mm neodymium drivers. Connects to smartphone via Bluetooth and supports aptX and AAC audio codecs.

Despite the rather large size, the headphones do not feel heavy on the head. You can quite comfortably watch a two-hour movie or listen to a couple of albums of your favorite artist …

Creative Aurvana Gold - music in silence

Aurvana Gold has excellent sound insulation, without putting pressure on your ears.

Wearing these headphones can cause you to lose contact with the outside world. As if submerged under water. The world is turning into a silent movie, and when communicating with others, you need to control your volume level.

Creative Aurvana Gold - music in silence

The sound quality is very good. Not without branded creative bass.

Of course, in a state of almost complete silence, which is provided by closed headphones, in a musical composition you can catch those sounds that you did not pay attention to in background noise.

Creative Aurvana Gold - music in silence

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Of course, the beauty of these headphones is that they are free of wires. But the level of the speakers used here does not correspond to the signal quality from the mp3 playback source. By connecting the headset directly to the CD deck, you can see what the Aurvana Gold is really capable of.

Unfortunately, the supplied cable is very short.

When you turn on the noise reduction system, there is a slight rise in low and high frequencies, which will be relevant in a noisy room.

Creative Aurvana Gold - music in silence

All controls are located on the right cup. Volume control and track rewind. You can't call them intuitive, but you get used to it over time.

In the event of a phone call, you can switch between chatting and listening to music. The hidden microphone works perfectly and is noise-proof.

Creative Aurvana Gold - music in silence

The design of the headphones allows you to rotate the speakers around its axis for ease of transportation in a bag.

The battery charge lasts for 15 hours of audio playback or calls, which will be sufficient for several days of using the device.

Creative Aurvana Gold - music in silence

From the experience of using Creative Aurvana Gold, I can conclude that these are very high quality headphones with excellent noise isolation. They can be used both as a gaming headset and for listening to music.

We thank the store for the equipment provided for the test.

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