Creative D5xm – Auto Calibration Loudspeaker

Creative D5xm - Auto Calibration Loudspeaker Creative Technology Ltd introduced to the Russian market new modular wireless speaker systems Creative Dxm Signature Series, which include the flagship Creative D5xm, Creative D3xm and Creative DSxm subwoofer. Creative Dxm Signature Series. The world's first intelligent modular speaker system with automatic calibration function allows you to conveniently place your speakers anywhere in the room without compromising on sound quality. Creative D5xm - Auto Calibration Loudspeaker Creative Dxm Signature Series is fully modular; users can easily connect additional speakers without using wires to create a larger speaker system. In addition, the system allows for fully customizable audio playback using Sound Modes ™ – profiles that users can launch from the app on their IOS or Android smart devices. Creative D5xm - Auto Calibration Loudspeaker Unlike traditional home speakers, Creative Dxm Signature Series users will not have to put up with a fixed speaker configuration for a specific home use. Users can add additional modules to the Creative D5xm or D3xm system wirelessly to enjoy multi-channel sound, or the Creative DSxm subwoofer to add bass. This gives users a choice when purchasing from a single speaker, to upgrading this system as needs change, all the way to a 3.1 multi-channel audio system. In addition, the upgraded systems can be split into individual speakers, ideal for use in different rooms throughout the home. Simple and easy to use iOS and Android sound calibration apps allow users to place speakers and subwoofer anywhere in the room for great sound Creative D5xm - Auto Calibration Loudspeaker The calibration system in Creative D5xm / Creative D3xm wireless speakers and Creative DSxm wireless subwoofer is controlled via an app on smartphones iOS and Android. The calibration system recognizes obstacles in the way of sound reproduction in the room. For example, tiles, furniture, or even the shape and size of a room can interfere with high-quality sound reproduction due to excessive bass, unintelligible music with dialogue. For more information on the Creative Dxm Signature Series Wireless Speaker, visit

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