Creative Outlier Sports ultra-lightweight wireless headphones review

Creative Outlier Sports ultra-lightweight wireless headphones review I am glad to welcome you, dear readers. This is my last review on this site, and I promise it will be 100% true. I have already written quite a lot about Creative, JBL and AKG wireless headphones and headsets, and therefore the Outlier Sports that came to me for the test have something to compare with. The characteristics of the headphones claim 11 hours of continuous operation from a single charge. Modern technologies never cease to amaze. Where does so much energy come from in a 15 gram device? But I think I understood what the secret is. More on this below … I have secretly dreamed of such headphones for a long time, since such a design is great for practicing in a gym. However, not everything is perfect here … Creative Outlier Sports ultra-lightweight wireless headphones review

First impressions

First, about the visual and tactile sensations. Like almost all creative products in recent years, these headphones are very high quality. Even a plastic carrying case with a hidden zipper pleases. Creative Outlier Sports ultra-lightweight wireless headphones review You don't even need to read the instructions, all actions are presented in pictures on one page. It's super convenient. Turn on, connect via bluetooth, listen. Creative Outlier Sports ultralight wireless headphones review


“Thanks to the ergonomic design, the earbuds fit comfortably in the ear and do not fall out even during intense running or jumping.” Still – these are the “deepest” headphones from all previously tested. For me, something just right, but people with ears will have fewer difficulties. Creative Outlier Sports ultralight wireless headphones review A dimple in the base of the ear, apparently specially made for a rubber hook. Just like a hook on a door. At two points, a very tight fastening is obtained. I don't know if boxing is okay, but nothing falls off when running and jumping.


When I turned it on for the first time, I had some anxiety, since the headphones practically rest against the eardrums. Any loud sound is contraindicated in this case. But it turns out that Creative Outlier Sports sound very quiet. The required sound level is obtained precisely due to the proximity of the emitters to the eardrum. Therefore, the power consumption of the device is low, and as a result, long battery life. And none of those present nearby will know that you are listening there. Creative Outlier Sports ultralight wireless headphones review In terms of sound quality, the Creative Outlier Sports is certainly not on-ear headphones. It makes no sense to compare them, in general, they play. Communication on Bluetooth is excellent. A confident reception was observed throughout the apartment. Headphones completely block the influence of the outside world. There is a silent movie around you, external noises penetrate only as vibrations. It is quite comfortable to listen to music even in the subway, and even in old cars. True, the volume has to be raised to the max, which is not very good for the ear. Creative Outlier Sports ultralight wireless headphones review But as they say, disadvantages arise from advantages. Headphones shield external noise sources, but not internal ones. I do not know what the scientific name for this denouement in the human body (body). But, you hear yourself in a way you've never heard before. Breathing, rustling of clothes, pounding of the heart … The latter is especially well heard when playing sports. At a heart rate of 150, a new rhythm is added to the music. Over time you get used to it, but over time … My subjective opinion, the headphones are excellent. Well suited for walking and sports. Yes, there is a nuisance with your own body noises, but so far nothing more convenient has been invented. On this I say goodbye, Vadim Nefedov worked for you for 8 years. Upcoming holidays! Creative Outlier Sports ultralight wireless headphones review

Creative Outlier Sports specifications:

weight 15 grams; colors: blue, green, orange; connection: Bluetooth 4.1; profiles Bluetooth: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, CVC; moisture resistance: protection class IPX4; supported audio codecs: aptX, FastStream, SBC; autonomy: 11 hours in playback mode; charging connector: microUSB; neodymium speakers with a diameter of 6 mm; frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz; resistance: 16 ohms; built-in microphone with ClearSpeech Engine technology and HD Voice function; scope of delivery: Creative Outlier Sports headphones, 3 pairs of replacement pads (S, M, L), 3 pairs of protective tabs, microUSB cable (0.3 m), box for transportation. We thank the Yomo store for the equipment provided for review.

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