Creative presents Woof 3

Creative presents Woof 3 Creative Technology Ltd introduces the Woof 3 miniature wireless speaker with audio over channel Bluetooth, which allows you to connect it to your phone or tablet to listen to music or output audio while watching movies on your mobile device. The third generation of Woof is available in four colors, each corresponding to one of the seasons of the year: blue (Spring), red (Summer), gold (Autumn) and silver (Winter). New devices will be appreciated by both aesthetes and lovers of high-quality and powerful sound. Creative presents Woof 3 The device has a solid metal alloy housing and is equipped with a 45mm driver (about 12% more than in previous series models) and an additional passive woofer. Thanks to the built-in microphone, the speaker connected to the smartphone can be used to answer calls and hold voice conferences. A single charge (via USB) lasts about 6 hours.

Key features of Creative Woof 3:

– Playback wirelessly Bluetooth, via USB connection, analog audio input (AUX 3.5 mm) or from microSD cards; Low frequency driver delivers the richest and deepest bass in its class – The most powerful sound among competitors “classmates”; – Recharging via USB port (one charge is enough for 6 hours of battery life); – Built-in microphone for phone calls; – For more convenient control of playback and receiving incoming calls, a connection button is located on the top of the speaker. Learn more about Woof 3 at

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