Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 – small music harvester

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 - small music harvester

On New Year's holidays, we received a new Sound Blaster Roar 2 music processor from Creative for testing. The successor to the Sound Blaster Roar SR20, which we wrote about last year. Externally, it is very similar to its predecessor, but 20% smaller and lighter. At the same time, the system retained all the functions of the previous model. And what about the sound … How 20 percent influenced it, let's try to find out …

The Roar 2 inherits its design from its predecessor, the Roar SR20, which received the Red Dot Design Award in 2014. The column is made with high quality and stylish. The front and top panels are made of perforated metal. With this appearance, the device fits into any interior.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 - small music harvester

Roar holds the record for the number of buttons and switches in Creative portable speakers. Usually the manufacturer tries to make all the buttons of a hidden type, and here is a whole garland on the back panel and also on top. But this is a harsh necessity, because there is no such rich functionality in any other device of the line. And all this must be managed somehow.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 - small music harvester

To connect a source, you can use the USB port Audi o, line-in, Bluetooth, NFC. In addition, the system is capable of playing music from a microSD memory card (MP3 and WMA 320 kbps). Supported codecs aptX and AAC.


Connect iPhone to Roar 2 by Bluetooth, launch the playlist in Melody player. AND….

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 - small music harvester

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In a 20 meter room it seems that the speaker is playing everywhere.

The sound is so voluminous that when entering the room it is difficult to immediately determine where the source is.

This is achieved by a special arrangement of speakers, of which there are 5 pieces in this compact box! And, of course, bass. Signature bass from Creative, which can be seen by vibration of the side passive radiators. Column weight – 1 kg. Just enough not to bounce at high volume. I did not have the opportunity to directly compare the Roar 2 with the Roar SR20 in sound, but it seems to me that the latest generation is not inferior to its big brother.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 - small music harvester

I will not describe all the capabilities of the system, there are a huge number of them for almost all occasions. Most of all I liked the function of recording phone conversations on a memory card. What is not implemented in iPhone due to privacy protection can be implemented with Roar. You can record both a simple phone call and Skype.

On a single charge, the column lasts up to 8 hours, and can also act as an external battery for charging mobile devices.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 - small music harvester

At the presentation of the new line of Creative products, a company representative was asked why the speaker has no radio? They asked as a joke. “There are some difficulties with the selection of radio frequencies, but we will probably consider this proposal,” the representative replied. Apparently Roar 3 will have even more functionality.

We thank the store for the equipment provided for the test.

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