Creative Woof 2 – music box

Creative Woof 2 - music box I have tested multiple speaker systems of different sizes and functionality. But it was this very speaker that had a wow effect in the family, and it's understandable why. Firstly, the appearance of the mirror pyramid cannot leave you indifferent. And secondly, the sound that Creative Woof 2 produces is not expected from a device of this size. Creating a bluetooth pair with iPhone takes a few seconds. Then you can listen to your favorite music from any available application. Using the buttons on the body, it is possible to adjust the volume and switch tracks. You can do the same from your smartphone. In general, what is closer to the hands, that can be controlled. Creative Woof 2 - music box A huge plus of Woof 2 is its compactness. The column can be placed anywhere: on a table, window sill, on a cabinet. It fits everywhere. And it will play everywhere too. After all, she has no wires for either power or signal. Creative Woof 2 - music box Creative Woof 2 - music box Of course, the power of this speaker does not make sense to compare with the same Sound Blaster Roar SR20, and there is no stereo here. But the musical background Woof 2 creates, and very well. The device has a hands-free function. If a phone call comes in while playing music, the system turns on the built-in microphone, allowing you to answer the call. Creative Woof 2 can work 6 hours without recharging, which is quite enough for a picnic in nature. And in the absence of a signal, it goes into sleep mode, saving battery power. Detailed product information can be found on the manufacturer's website, Creative. Creative Woof 2 - music box

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