Headphones AKG Y45BT – simple and stylish

Headphones AKG Y45BT - simple and stylish If a few years ago good on-ear headphones cost quite a lot, today a high-quality model with decent sound can be purchased for quite reasonable money, and what is important – unlike their predecessors, these devices will be wireless. Among all the variety of currently existing headphones, preference is given to models with a stylish design and, of course, pleasant high-quality sound. Today we are testing a representative of a well-known brand – AKG Y45BT headphones, which have one of the best price / quality ratio on the market. Headphones AKG Y45BT - simple and stylish AKG Y45BT turned out to be smaller than I expected to see. But such compactness has its positive points, the headphones are easier to carry with you. Made by Y45BT very high quality. Simple but stylish. No pretense for something new in design, but practical, in the spirit of the old school. In addition to the headset itself, in a small box you will find only the most necessary: ​​- instructions – microUSB cable for charging – audio cable – carrying case Headphones AKG Y45BT - simple and stylish There are no complaints about the design or the assembly: despite the low price, AKG Y45BT look expensive, and during use there is no squeak – even if you purposely shake the headphones. The model has a foldable design, so that the cups can be folded into the headband. Another pleasant surprise is the sound: these headphones do not have artifacts that are usual for Bluetooth – channel (here, by the way, BT 3.0 version is used) and even at maximum volume there are no wheezes. Headphones AKG Y45BT - simple and stylish The ear cushions are made of soft material familiar to most on-ear headphones with a fabric insert in the center. On the right cup there are volume control buttons, power buttons and another multifunctional key – it allows you to answer a call, start or pause playback, as well as rewind and switch tracks. In addition, one of the cups has NFC – a module with which you can quickly connect a smartphone or tablet. In the Y45BT, for some reason, the company used a rather rare 2.5 mm jack – it is located on the right cup and will be indispensable if the headphone battery is discharged, but there is still a desire to listen to music. In this case, a complete audio cable will come to the rescue. Headphones AKG Y45BT - simple and stylish Conclusion: AKG Y45BT has no competitors in this price segment in terms of sound quality, because taking into account the current exchange rate, good wireless headphones with high build quality and decent sound will cost many times more, but the performance of many premium models leaves much to be desired. More detailed information about the product can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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