Honda introduced a case for iPhone with airbags

Honda introduced a case for iPhone with airbags Now on the market there are many original cases for smartphones iPhone. But such, as presented by the Japanese company Honda, we, perhaps, have never seen. The famous Japanese carmaker Honda decided to try his hand at making covers. The unique protective case Smartphone Case N for iPhone is equipped with real airbags that will reliably protect your Apple smartphone from damage if dropped. Similar pillows, only of a larger size, are used in cars Honda and have already saved many lives. The airbag of the Smartphone Case N expands when dropped or bumped. For this, the position of the smartphone in space is monitored using built-in sensors, sensors and a gyroscope. If a fall scenario is detected, the sensors immediately activate the igniters, which, in turn, automatically release gas to inflate the pillows. The protective case can be used not only for iPhone, but also for other smartphones and compact tablets. Now the Smartphone Case N looks quite bulky. However, this is a prototype and Honda promises to make the protective case more compact. When it will appear on the market and at what price we do not know yet.

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