How to clean your dirty AirPods and charging case

How to clean your dirty AirPods and charging case

AirPods are huge hits for Apple for several reasons. Among them are ease of use, smooth integration with the company's devices and an excellent charging case. Nevertheless, the new product is used every day in everyday life, which means the accumulation of dirt, dust, and in the case of headphones, earwax. How do I clean AirPods correctly?

Since the main body AirPods is white, you can easily focus on wiping the outside of the headphones and forget to check the black speaker grilles. If you haven't cleaned the grates AirPods regularly, you've probably added a little extra work to yourself.

How to clean your dirty AirPods and charging case:

  1. Take a cotton swab and microfiber cloth;
  2. Remove some of the excess cotton from the end of the wand for a more precise but still soft wiping tool;
  3. Try to clean your AirPods and case without using any liquids;
  4. You can also use a cloth-wrapped toothpick / paperclip if you need a thinner tool (but be careful).

How to clean your dirty AirPods and charging case

The only advice Apple in this matter is' Clean AirPods and charger regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not allow moisture to enter any openings and do not use aerosol spray, solvents or abrasives. '

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While the microfiber cloth is handy for cleaning the outer case AirPods and the main body of the charger, a cotton swab (cotton swab) works well for cleaning the speaker grilles.

If necessary, gently try dampening a microfiber cloth or cotton ball with a little glass cleaner or distilled water to remove any debris.

If, as a result of battling the charger's dirt, you decide to use a handheld fan, it is best to refrain from damage to avoid damage.

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