How to connect AirPods to iPhone

Using a headset AirPods it is possible to perform the following actions:

  • listen to music;
  • make outgoing and receive incoming calls;
  • apply to Siri etc.

How to connect AirPods to iPhone

In the case when the headset will be used for the first time, to connect it to iPhone, you must adhere to the following algorithm:

  • Go to the 'Home' screen.
  • Open the case with the headphones and place them near the phone iPhone. Click on the round icon on the back of the case.

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How to connect AirPods to iPhone

  • Wait for the LED indicator to blink white.
  • After that, the mobile phone display will show an animation for customization.
  • Click on the connection icon and click 'Finish'.

In the event that the login is made through iCloud, the headphones will be optimized by default for various gadgets that connect to a personal account using an identifier Apple ID.

When the headphones are connected correctly and if you insert the accessory into your ears, the music will start playing automatically. If the user leaves one earbud, then the music will be paused, and if both earbuds are removed, the playback process will stop altogether.

It is also worth knowing that AirPods will connect to a mobile gadget and a watch at the same time, and the audio connection process will be performed automatically.

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