Impervious – water repellent spray for iPhone

Impervious - water repellent spray for iPhone

We are used to using special covers to protect iPhone and other mobile devices from dust, dirt and water. But the American startup proposes to use for these purposes a special protective spray created using nano-technologies. A unique spray project has already been launched on the Kickstarter online platform.

Impervious - water repellent spray for iPhone

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The unique novelty is called Impervious and is a special waterproofing spray for iPhone. It reliably protects the smartphone from moisture penetration even when submerged under water to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes, however, the developers do not recommend doing this and do not advise using iPhone, covered with spray, for underwater photography and video shooting. In addition, Impervious with nano layers protects the body iPhone from cuts and scratches.

Impervious - water repellent spray for iPhone

Water repellent can be used not only for iPhone, but also for other smartphones and tablet computers.

Impervious attracted Kickstarter visitors so much that they have already donated more than $ 20,000 for the project, although initially it was only $ 7,500 to start mass production. To support developers and pre-order the $ 30 Impervious Spray, visit the project's official Kickstarter page.

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