Introduced cover for iPhone with optional E-Ink display

Introduced cover for iPhone with optional E-Ink display A project of a unique cover for iPhone was launched on the IndieGoGo crowdfunding online platform. Its distinctive feature lies in the presence of an additional display made using the technology of 'electronic ink'. On the back of the new case for iPhone is a full-size 4-inch E-Ink display of the latest generation, which features low power consumption. As conceived by the developers, the monochrome display can be used to read books and view various documents. Also, the screen can display all information of interest to the user – from the weather forecast and calendar to notes and transport timetable. Smartphone connects via a compact Lightning connector. Introduced cover for iPhone with optional E-Ink display Unique covers are compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Also, the developers promise to release a version for iPhone 6, if it is, of course, required. Customers will be offered a choice of two cover colors – black and white. Despite the fact that the project of the cover with an additional display is quite interesting, its authors did not manage to collect a cent. To start mass production they need 95 thousand dollars and they have exactly 35 days to collect this amount. You can support the developers of a unique cover from St. Petersburg on the project's official page on IndieGoGo.

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